From 2010-04-01 to 2010-04-14


21:12 Bug #890: [Windows] Crash caused by SDL_mixer
"Seemingly random" in that to a user there does not seem to be a logical pattern; i.e., it does not crash every time ... danij
18:25 Bug #895: jHexen crashes at loading a map
This appears to be the same as this issue: danij
17:49 Bug #895 (Closed): jHexen crashes at loading a map
Linux x86.
Happens both in beta6.8 and 6.9.
Crash happens right after choosing difficulty - doesn't happen in jDoo...
18:22 Bug #896: Console background flicker during fade in with resize
Not ATI specific. I can replicate the issue on my NVidia GTX 8800. danij
02:35 Bug #894 (Closed): MIDI Crashing Heretic Shadows of the Serpent Riders
I noticed when I loaded my savegame on E6L3 it crashed when the music was about to play again for the 3rd time. It se... filipetolhuizen


14:07 Bug #893 (Closed): [DOOM] IDMUS cheat broken (not DOOM2)
As the sumarry suggests.
The numbers one must press to select each music track are currently messed up.
13:12 Feature #1516 (New): [Heretic|Hexen] Add Doom-like option for fast monsters
Now "-fast" for jHeretic work incorrect (gargoyles attack very rarely - they should attack more often, more agressive... theleoua
13:09 Feature #1515 (Closed): HHE support for Heretic
Currently there is no Values.ded in jHeretic folder and jHeretic does not support HHE (DEH for Heretic).
13:03 Feature #1514 (New): GZdoom-like HUD (showing more information)
Possibility (cvar) to display all my ammo in the HUD (like in this screenshot theleoua
13:03 Feature #1510: Uninstaller to remove all files
Ok. Newer versions do include them though, so I'll consider the issue closed. danij


23:53 Bug #892 (Closed): [Win] sys_input.c includes MSVC header
engine/win32/sys_input.c (Windows DirectInput) includes the header "strsafe.h" which is MSVC-specific. To compile de... arclore
11:55 Bug #888: [1.9.0-beta6.9 / Mac OS X 10.6] Wrong music track in jHexen
I think I found the problem:;a=commit;h=592f1556a8a38d728d... skyjake


20:06 Revision f231e517 (github): Removed garbage code left behind from debugging.
16:13 Bug #891 (Closed): [OpenAL] Wrong sounds played, incorrect 2D/3D pos
When using the OpenAL plugin for sound effects there would appear to be a sound sample id tracking issue leading to t... danij


15:29 Revision 0a5a41b8 (github): Fixed Hexen: Fatal error attempting to play Deathkings of the Dark Citadel.
15:11 Bug #890 (Rejected): [Windows] Crash caused by SDL_mixer
Under Windows SDL_mixer will regularly cause a seemingly random crash (typically in mipmap.dll). This can fixed by fo... danij
12:33 Bug #890: [Windows] Crash caused by SDL_mixer
Hmm, mine wasn't that random. It crashed exactly on the 3rd time the midi was about to repeat. Using an older version... filipetolhuizen
12:33 Bug #889 (Closed): Fatal error attempting to play Deathkings
Attempting to play Deathkings of the Dark Citadel results in fatal error:
Rend_RenderSkyHemisphere: Sky layer with...
01:55 Revision 15bca57f (github): Changed All Games: Further tweaked player/mobj movement friction and deceleration.
01:23 Revision 814ef06d (github): Fixed DOOM: HUD weapons vertically offset four pixels lower than in the original game.
01:19 Revision 06ad94f1 (github): Merge branch '1.9.0-beta6' of ssh:// into 1.9.0-beta6


16:00 Bug #888 (Closed): [1.9.0-beta6.9 / Mac OS X 10.6] Wrong music track in jHexen
It seems track counter (or whatever) doesn't increase at level 1. In result menu music (or current level music if sta... blinkfrog
08:24 Bug #887 (Closed): [x64 Ubuntu] Crash when loading a level
In the new doomsday Engine release 1.9.0-beta6.9
Running in Ubuntu 10.04 beta-1 64bit
after doomsday loads, go thro...
01:44 Bug #886 (Closed): [Mac OS X 10.6] Items disappear in Hexen
I played through Jdoom, Jdoom 2 and JHeretic without having this problem, but every time i go through a portal in JHe... monkeybane


23:42 Revision 08cdff87 (github): Further tweaking of OS X packaging.
23:01 Revision 08377cbe (github): Tweaking OS X packaging scripts.
21:41 Revision a68b26be (github): Version bump in Doomsday for Windows installer script.
21:36 Revision 3cbe24f4 (github): Merge branch '1.9.0-beta6' of ssh:// into 1.9.0-beta6
21:35 Revision 14690580 (github): Fixed "backing out" issue with chainsaw/gauntlet lunging.
21:21 Revision 0b229491 (github): Version number bumps.
19:54 Revision 694ca62b (github): Disallow stepping up onto a corpse. This prevents the player from "climbing" up and over whilst chainsawing.
19:30 Revision 150a11b3 (github): Fixed attack lunge angle lock to not allow the player to turn away from the target.
18:38 Revision 973a43a0 (github): Fixed discrepancy in attack lunge velocity compared to original behavior.
17:42 Revision 2dfb87cf (github): Fixed All Games: Tiny difference in walk-to-stop mobj momentum threshold compared to original behavior.
13:53 Revision e8280a38 (github): Removed (player) classinfo_t::turnSpeed[2] - "initial" speed. As time staging of the turn controls is now done engine-side, this is unused.
13:44 Revision 5dcafad6 (github): Fixed All Games: Look pitch multiplier changed according to the walk/run speed modifier. In the original games this multiplier is fixed.


21:14 Revision bd1d07d6 (github): Fixed All Games: "Bouncing off edges". (see here and
18:49 Revision 41775d63 (github): Fixed All Games: Turn speed does not consider "always-run".
18:13 Bug #658: BugWall
Fixed for 1.9.0-Beta6.9 danij
18:11 Bug #780: BLODGR1-4 Textures Inanimate
Fixed for 1.9.0-beta6.8 danij
18:09 Revision 6081c023 (github): Fixed mixup in previous commit. Now working correctly.
15:57 Revision 992d5c36 (github): Fixed: Vertical alignment issue with materials on two-sided linedef lower sections.
14:27 Revision 97f8fa44 (github): Fixed XG: Bug #2899815 "XG: Damage class if health below" (see here
11:43 Bug #718: Heretic: Chicken auto movement
Fixed for 1.9.0-Beta6.9 danij
11:23 Bug #826: Frequent frame skipping at 60Hz
Disregard the original detail in this report.
It would seem the problem I am experiencing is that when vsync is en...


23:05 Revision 4b3af133 (github): Fix un-expiration of pointer axes.
21:22 Revision 2e1d78b1 (github): Ignore .user files.
21:18 Revision ec8655c7 (github): Fixed bug 2980026: Shortcut bindings in menu.
The menu wasn't binding any of the shortcut keys into the correct context. skyjake
21:08 Revision 16917e91 (github): Added a new plugin hook (HOOK_TICKER) that gets called from DD_Ticker.
20:45 Revision c4b2db84 (github): Fixed bug 2578612: Chainsaw/Gauntlet behavior.
The attack lunge was not being applied. Now it is, although
its strength could perhaps use a bit of fine-tuning still.
19:28 Revision 5dc5f85c (github): Merge branch '1.9.0-beta6' of ssh:// into 1.9.0-beta6
19:14 Revision 13bb5bf6 (github): Fixed bug 2899607: Double press input events.
The event sequence responder was eating events that were part of a
partial sequence. This prevented the execution of ...
18:29 Revision e78629e7 (github): Merge branch '1.9.0-beta6' of ssh:// into 1.9.0-beta6
18:28 Revision 097396b6 (github): Changed DOOM/Heretic: Added a new sound id "secret" to be played upon the player locating a secret area. The same sound is still played by default but the new id allows modders to change them independently.
18:26 Revision fcd97beb (github): Merge branch '1.9.0-beta6' of ssh:// into 1.9.0-beta6
18:19 Bug #883: [Hexen] Map 2: HOM in floor near x:-425 y:2943 (clip cull)
Fix by spreading polyobj links to all contacted BSP leafs, similarly to dynamic lights. danij
18:19 Revision b1cf3871 (github): Fixed bug 2849414: Shoots after loading/saving from menu.
There already was a mechanism that kept track which binding context
each individual input device (a particular key/ax...
17:53 Revision f0a98c24 (github): Changed DOOM: Removed three unused sound identifiers that were not present in the original game: wsplash nsplash blurb
17:46 Bug #602: Changed chainsaw behaviour
Attack lunge restored for beta6.9. skyjake
17:22 Bug #825: XG: Damage class if health below
Fixed for 1.9.0-Beta6.9 danij
17:18 Bug #824: Double press input events
That is a good solution. The only problem is that the controls menu doesn't support modifier combinations... skyjake
17:10 Bug #824: Double press input events
Brainwave: Change the default bindings for the chat widget, making use of the new shift modifier. That way, its still... danij
17:06 Bug #824: Double press input events
Well, we need a better chat widget anyway... skyjake
16:58 Bug #824: Double press input events
Good point. Clearly then, the event responder cannot eat events in a partial sequence.
We don't want to interfere ...
16:53 Bug #824: Double press input events
That would likely help somewhat but it's not a full fix. Events would still be erroneously eaten if the user has conf... skyjake
16:47 Bug #824: Double press input events
How about; once the first event in a sequence is triggered, any subsequent events in a partial sequence are eaten. Th... danij
16:43 Bug #824: Double press input events
I think there is a fundamental conflict between the sequence responder and the bindings. Either we get "misfires" dur... skyjake
16:21 Bug #824: Double press input events
There may be a problem with that. Without testing, here is what I'm thinking:
If an event sequence uses a characte...
16:58 Revision 53cbd894 (github): Changed: Default mipmapping filter changed to linear filter, linear mip (GL_LINEAR_MIPMAP_LINEAR).
16:21 Revision 2fffd266 (github): Bumped for Beta 6.9.
15:34 Feature #1489: Separate decor definitions for different plane types
I guess I should also add particle def's to the the above suggestion since they can be flat based. vermil
15:25 Bug #757: SND_INFO error when changing difficulty on MP setup
Multiplayer does not work at all in the current 1.9.0 beta releases. We are aware of the problems and they will be ad... danij
15:04 Revision a5511344 (github): Fixed: "Texture name missing in Doom 2 MAP14 & MAP25" (see here
14:29 Bug #885 (Closed): GL state - wireframe vs sky vs fakeradio shadow edges
I noticed a slightly odd GL state management issue with the current Beta6 branch (as of #53cbd8944bd470495f95c619d78d... danij
14:15 Bug #330: Crash bug in jdoom with 3d models enabled
Please recheck this in 1.9.0-Beta6.9 (when released), as a rare zone heap corruption issue was found and fixed; this ... danij
13:52 Revision f3ef787b (github): Fix line endings.
13:13 Bug #756: Shoots after loading a saved game with a click
Fixed for beta6.9.
There already was a mechanism that kept track which binding context each individual input devic...
13:05 Bug #736: Player acceleration and movement
I might check that out, but as this bug report is not in my top priority list currently, please feel free to tweak th... skyjake
12:31 Bug #736: Player acceleration and movement
Anything I can do to assist? If its a case of not being able to compare vs the original game: are you aware that Choc... danij
12:17 Bug #736: Player acceleration and movement
I am unable to do anything about this at the moment due to not having a suitable reference to check the behavior agai... skyjake
13:02 Bug #773: Hexen Not loading Map
Picture of Error
13:00 Bug #594: Full screen HUD sprites / Incorrect scaling of HUD items
I really don't know what to do about the problem seen in Batman Doom. danij
12:02 Bug #734: [1.9.0 beta6.4] Texture name missing in Doom 2 Map 14
Fixed for 1.9.0-Beta6.9 danij
02:45 Revision 7fc2ecb6 (github): Hexen: Do a full HUD widget update when calling ST_Start.
01:02 Revision 5e59776e (github): Fixed: Non-opaque middle textures on twosided linedefs that fill the gap between floor and ceiling are drawn slightly darker than they should be (with Fakeradio enabled).


22:15 Revision e2fe51c1 (github): Fixed Hexen: "Death Wyvern movement broken". (see here
20:47 Revision 58d3f48d (github): Fixed: "Switch doesn't open up before Caves of Circe" (see here
19:10 Bug #769: Warping from map with hub exit to another hub plays anim
Can you please elaborate on this report as I'm unsure as to what you are referring to. danij
18:15 Revision 1d6a97f9 (github): Fixed: Vissprites produced for mobjs whose origin sector is of zero height.
17:44 Bug #762: Swamp Key panel doesn't light up after hitting switch
OK, I finally found out what I was missing... I was missing the Horn Key switch on the Swamp. I wonder if it's suppos... roffalcopter
16:50 Revision 50a46c9f (github): Back out change made during debug that was mistakenly commited in #4c32b9d4b8d764ab5093da7f61aab78ed722d637
16:38 Revision 4c32b9d4 (github): Fixed All games: "General: Mobjs overlapping more than one sector". (see here
Revised the fix applied in beta6.6 for the "Bullets not visible in map cheat" issue. Although we now want all mobjs a... danij
16:10 Revision e9e2fb1f (github): Changed: CVar "rend-dev-mobj-bbox" Draw all bounding boxes for all mobjs, not just those which are sector-linked.
15:21 Bug #761: Switch doesn't open up before Caves of Circe
On investigation the only difference I could detect in the behaviour of this scripted sequence (compared to the origi... danij
13:39 Bug #775: HeXen: Dormant foes waking up after loading saved game
Fixed for 1.9.0-beta6.8 danij
10:13 Bug #836: Barracks.wad dynamic light anomaly

09:34 Bug #885: GL state - wireframe vs sky vs fakeradio shadow edges
It would appear this issue is due to drawing geometry with the current GL color left uninitialized. Although I'm not ... danij


19:50 Bug #884: Heretic E3M4: teleport to E3M9: free pointer without ZONEID
Thanks for taking the time to make this excellent quality report. However this is already a known issue (duplicate of... danij
19:49 Bug #884: Heretic E3M4: teleport to E3M9: free pointer without ZONEID

19:49 Bug #884: Heretic E3M4: teleport to E3M9: free pointer without ZONEID

19:48 Bug #884 (Closed): Heretic E3M4: teleport to E3M9: free pointer without ZONEID
Heretic E3M4 (the azure fortress): entering the teleport to the secret level E3M9 makes a screen "now entering" witho... kambi
19:48 Bug #884: Heretic E3M4: teleport to E3M9: free pointer without ZONEID

15:01 Revision 3ecc672e (github): Fixed All Games: Movement of the player's view point when riding moving platforms suggested the player was squating.
However this still isn't perfect; due to the method used for interpolated plane movement the platform itself appears ... danij
02:36 Revision 89ab3e98 (github): Fixed All Games: Potential infinite loop in wall slide algorithm.
02:35 Revision 6714c762 (github): Further fixes to mobj vs polyobj collision detection.
00:44 Bug #883 (New): [Hexen] Map 2: HOM in floor near x:-425 y:2943 (clip cull)
Geometry is constructed fine for this area however HOM is visible due to the subsector being considered as occluded b... danij


23:30 Revision 08e1ab4c (github): Fixed Hexen: Draw the HUD health chain exactly as it appears in the original game.


15:11 Revision f9ef6209 (github): Fixed: Fog settings as specified in Map Info definitions used when drawing the various UI displays.
Fixed: "Map def fog oversight". (see here danij
14:07 Revision 81be17e8 (github): Fixed Doom: Powers could not be given using the ccmd give.
12:16 Bug #863: jHexen: impassable doorway (polyobjs?)
doomsday.out & savegame(probably)

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