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08:40 Doomsday Engine Bug #2370: [2.3 Unstable] Render Hack Regressions
Thanks for the test map, I will take a look.


20:48 Doomsday Engine Revision 67f07f69 (github): Fixed|GL: Visual artifact when using color adjustments
IssueID #2411
# Conflicts:
# doomsday/libs/gui/src/graphics/glinfo.cpp
# doomsday/sdk/libgui/include/de/...


07:54 Doomsday Engine Feature #2374 (Resolved): "On death" script to run when a thing is killed
07:54 Doomsday Engine Feature #1666 (Resolved): [Dehacked] Support for sprite renaming
07:19 Doomsday Engine Feature #2413 (New): [MP] Configure what the server does after a timeout when no clients connected
After all players have left a server, it would be good to reset game state after a timeout. New players joining later...


21:52 Doomsday Engine Feature #2142 (Resolved): Color adjustment should only apply to game view
The color adjustments are now done via a shader, and only apply to the game view.
21:49 Doomsday Engine Feature #2160 (Progressed): Custom screenshader support and profiles
21:47 Doomsday Engine Bug #2406: [Windows] Color adjustments are not being applied
#2411 is the fix that is needed, although it may need a little bit of fine-tuning before pulling it into stable.
17:09 Doomsday Engine Bug #2411 (Resolved): Monitor color adjustment via platform-specific APIs is unreliable (e.g., Windows 10)
17:09 Doomsday Engine Revision aeccb498 (github): GL|FX: Apply color adjustments via a shader
Gamma correction, brightness, and contrast color adjustments are applied using a frame post-processing shader, and th...

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