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11:43 Doomsday Engine Feature #2379 (Resolved): HUD Weapon FOV 4:3 adaptation
07:33 Doomsday Engine Revision e1e8d5ba (github): Scripting|World: Querying and changing thing flags
IssueID #2375
07:33 Doomsday Engine Revision 22947ec4 (github): libcore|Scripting: Converting a number to uint32


19:57 Doomsday Engine Feature #2403 (New): User-provided particle texture flipbook (atlas)
Large collections of particle textures (perhaps animated) would be more convenient to provide as a user-prepared atla...
19:41 Doomsday Engine Revision 9a6842e9 (github): Renderer: Adjust fixed weapon FOV for 4:3 view aspect
IssueID #2379
13:13 Doomsday Engine Revision cd09a054 (github): libcore: Added more Vec typedefs
# Conflicts:
# doomsday/sdk/libcore/include/de/core/vector.h
13:13 Doomsday Engine Revision 0478e816 (github): FIxed|Model Renderer: 3D models only partially visible
Incorrect clip plane distances for regular 3D models. Caused by an oversight in issue 2373.
IssueID #2400
13:13 Doomsday Engine Revision c8bc9e12 (github): Renderer: Better workaround for cubeshot
Resetting the full GLState for each cube face works, but this still means that somewhere during rendering the frame t...
07:27 Doomsday Engine Bug #2401 (Resolved): "cubeshot" does not render views for all directions
Marking as resolved, although might be worth finding out later where the GL state is being mismanaged.
07:25 Doomsday Engine Bug #2402 (Resolved): [macOS] notarization failed
Notarization was not successful because the server and tools executables were not all codesigned.

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