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19:23 Doomsday Engine Bug #2343: 3d models don't go semi transparent when player picks up invisbility
Is this with the new model renderer or the old MD2 (jDRP) models? I assume you mean the player HUD weapon models?


12:35 Doomsday Engine Feature #2341 (Resolved): headless server package for debian / ubuntu
I've made the necessary changes to the autobuilder. In the future, new PPA builds will be accompanied by server-only ...
12:30 Doomsday Engine Revision f278a5f7 (github): Ubuntu: Remove SDK headers/libs from Launchpad packages
The Launchpad packages are binary builds for "normal" gameplay. If one
wishes to compile plugins, it is better to jus...
09:10 Doomsday Engine Feature #2341: headless server package for debian / ubuntu
I agree, such a package would be convenient.
It should be doable to modify the autobuilder to submit a headless se...


20:10 Doomsday Engine Revision b0eb8c61 (github): Builder|Debian: Setting up templates for Debian package metadata
19:49 Doomsday Engine Revision 2605575f (github): Debian: Ignore generated debian directory
17:47 Doomsday Engine Revision e4f52005 (github): Debian|Builder: Don't ignore control file template
17:42 Doomsday Engine Revision 5131cd13 (github): Debian|Builder: Added template for debian/control
17:34 Doomsday Engine Revision 19af6d95 (github): Debian|Builder: Added new script for generating source package metadata
11:23 Doomsday Engine Revision 97d2163d (github): Added CPack resources from deng-distrib
CPack runs in the main repository so all the needed files should be

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