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10:23 Doomsday Engine Revision c59be8bb (github): Heretic|PostFX: Darker Gold shader for the Ring


22:35 Doomsday Engine Revision ceda7643 (github): Heretic|Renderer: Added “rend-ring-effect” cvar
The values are:
0 = shader (default)
1 = shader
Changing the value will take ef...


19:45 Doomsday Engine Feature #2286 (New): Editing all global Doomsday key bindings
Currently there is a popup for setting the console shortcut key, but Doomsday has other global key bindings that shou...


22:41 Doomsday Engine Revision 14d36fab (github): UI|Client: Improvements for PackageCompatibilityDialog
Hidden but required packages, such as ones loaded from boxes, are now also shown in the compatibility resolver dialog...
22:38 Doomsday Engine Revision 3e81b7cd (github): UI|libcommon: Use the term “mods” instead of “packages”
22:36 Doomsday Engine Revision a89d69ac (github): Widgets|libappfw: Showing scroll bar in dialogs
The scroll bar wasn’t initially showing up even though enabled.
21:15 Doomsday Engine Revision 6d0c68f8 (github): Fixed|Resources|libdoomsday: Unique IDs for Extra add-ons
In a box add-on, some files may be found in the Extra folder. To ensure these get a unique ID, include the name of th...
20:35 Doomsday Engine Revision 9306bea9 (github): Fixed|Packages: Optional content selections ignored
The full versioned package identifier is needed when checking for user selections.
20:21 Doomsday Engine Revision 0c560018 (github): Fixed|libdoomsday: Multithreaded access to the data bundle registry
Backported commit 1d4a75462392c from the future.
19:03 Doomsday Engine Revision e2b8eda5 (github): Heretic: Status bar eyes during God/Invincible mode
The same bright eyes are drawn when the god mode cheat is active or when the invincibility ring is active.

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