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Commenting on issues

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About issue categories

Bugs and features can be placed into one of the following categories:
  • Defect. Generic bug; something that is not working as expected.
  • Enhancement. Generic feature improvement; something that is currently not supported but should be.
  • Minor detail. A small, perhaps cosmetic detail of no great importance. Fixing it would still be nice, though.
  • Redesign. Revising an existing component or subsystem with a redesigned one.
  • Regression. Something that used to work is not working any more due to recent changes elsewhere or accidental side effects.
  • Vanilla emulation. Not a defect as such, but relates to behavior that is incongruent with how the original games behave. Important for compatibility with custom maps.
  • User experience. Relates to overall user experience; things that might confuse or delight the user.
  • 3rd party compatibility. Related to things outside the Doomsday Engine project; making the engine compatible with 3rd party resources and other components. For instance, supporting a specific file format.