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10:01 Doomsday Engine Bug #2227: [HeXen] Crash during gameplay at DK_Map08 (Constable gate), going through portals while Heresiarch is attacking
This is part of this bigger bug in Dday:


10:20 Doomsday Engine Bug #2222: Music not working right on Deathkings (1.0)
Indeed, HeXen DK was accidently released with a lump missing from it's Iwad, that meant no midi music worked (1.0). R...


16:11 Doomsday Engine Bug #2212: [Hexen] Strange behavior of torch artifact
A stable release should not release with any bug like this.


10:08 Doomsday Engine Feature #2207: Fast Monsters option in the Options > Gameplay menu
It would be cool to see the option for fast monsters extended to Heretic and HeXen as well; they lack this command li...


11:03 Doomsday Engine Feature #2179: Map has no secrets, displayed as 0% (vs. 100%)
In Vanilla Doom, if there are no items or secrets on a map, then the intermission screen will display 0%. Dday imitat...


17:09 Doomsday Engine Bug #2165: [2019] Automap visualization broken
I noticed this more than a month ago, when I had to use a Win10 laptop that could basically not handle Dday, for a wh...


21:32 Doomsday Engine Feature #2081: Menus and psprite weapons should not be stretched (by default) with 16:9 display modes
I personally believe hud weapon graphics should be stretched by default. It isn't a major issue in Doom, as only one ...


12:30 Doomsday Engine Bug #2158: [UI] Doesn't load when one unloads a game
I am unable to replicate this in the now latest unstable.


13:04 Doomsday Engine Bug #2158 (Closed): [UI] Doesn't load when one unloads a game
The new UI doesn't load when one unloads an in progress game, Windows 64bit. The taskbar appears accessible and fully...


12:50 Doomsday Engine Feature #2156 (New): [HeXen] Make map numbering more consistent (warp cheats vs. automap/UI)
The level warping cheats use the mapinfo map numbers, but the Dday UI and HeXen's automap use the real map numbers.

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