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Scoped definitions and variables

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Often it is necessary to limit the effect of some definition or variable to a specific map, episode, game, global variable state, or perhaps even a single room in a map. This need manifests in several places:
  • A mod/TC might want to override certain variables/definitions for an entire game.
  • All the maps of an episode might want to use a specific sky texture.
  • Particle effects may be defined for specific sectors in a map (e.g., rain).
  • Light source definitions target a specific map in a game/WAD.
  • Model definitions target a certain type of object in specific states.
  • XG effects need to target certain lines and/or sectors (done via various XG references).

In other words, "scoping" is a universal need in the engine. There should be a uniform way to handle this a unified, powerful manner using a syntax that is consistent in all use cases.

See also: DED 2.0 and Resource URIs proposals


Feature #1621: Evaluation of runtime conditionsClosed

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In practice, libdeng2's Record could play a major role in resolving these scopes. Similarly to how Doomsday Script namespaces and a process's stack works, we could set up a stack of records where variables are looked for. More specific scopes, like a map-specific record, would then override more global ones (like Config).

This could be generalized to cvars, too, when they are stored in records. For instance, the Doom-specific would override the global

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