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Differentiating variants of monster attacks

Added by danij over 20 years ago. Updated about 4 years ago.

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Currently monsters use the same states in both of thier
attacks. While this wasn't previously problem now it is
impossible to create effects that are only used when a
monster uses a certain attack.

Also a similar problem exists with Spectre. I would be
usefull if the Spectre was completely seperate from the
Demon rather than using a selector.

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#1 Updated by chilvence over 20 years ago

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Sorry if I'm suggesting something that you have already
tried, but can you not create the new states just by copying
them from the originals and loading them after objects.ded
has been parsed?

I did do a couple of new states in my soldier model to kick
down some animation problems, and that worked fine, so it
might be worth a try. The only thing that you will be doing
that I havent done is redefining the close attack state in
the actual thing definition. Sorry I would try it myself,
but I finished a long day and all I can gather the energy to
do is browse these RFE's... and its doubtless that I will
have totally forgotten about it by the morning.

#2 Updated by skyjake over 20 years ago

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For some monsters editing Objects.ded may be enough, but
there are others whose states are directly referenced in
the code. It's certainly possible to separate them all, but
the process is somewhat tedious and one must be careful not
to break any old code that assumes non-obvious
relationships between the state/thing IDs of various

#3 Updated by danij about 20 years ago

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That is exactly why I listed it as an RFE. Any changes should
be made to jDoom so as to not cause potential problems in
multiplayer with people using incompatible deds.

#4 Updated by skyjake over 10 years ago

  • Subject changed from Seperate shared attack states with monsters with 2 attacks to Differentiating variants of monster attacks

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In the new model renderer, object animation is scriptable and independent of mobj states, so this should not be an issue any more.

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