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White player arrow missing on automap

Added by sonicdoommario about 11 years ago. Updated over 6 years ago.

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The white arrow representing the player on the autmap does not appear on my new laptop. I have a Dell Latitude 5420 with an Intel Processor Graphics 3000 video card. This video card has the latest driver (

I have not had this problem on any other computer that I have owned. I can even produce this problem with any earlier build of Doomsday, whether stable or unstable.

However, when I use IDDT to reveal everything on the map, all of the objects appear without a problem, but the white arrow representing the player still does not show up on the automap.

Attached is a picture showing the automap with no white player arrow.

Let me know if any additional information is needed.

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#4 Updated by sonicdoommario about 11 years ago

I wanted to follow up on this bug. This does seem like a video card driver problem. I reverted back to an old driver for my Intel HD Graphics 3000 video card (version and the white arrow showed up in the automap when I ran Doomsday.

However, the white arrow again does not show up when I put back the latest driver for my video card (

I am also running Windows 7 Professional, 64-bit.

Here is an attachment of the arrow showing up in the automap (with the old Intel driver).


#5 Updated by sonicdoommario about 11 years ago

Just wanted to follow up saying that this problem occurs with the now newest driver of my video card (

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#7 Updated by sonicdoommario almost 11 years ago

Maybe this information will help - I went back to the older driver where the player arrow was showing up and compared the GL information between the older driver and the newer driver on Doomsday. Everything was the same, except for the line width range.

On the older driver (where the player arrow was showing up), the line width range was 0...6.99219

On the most recent driver, the line range is just 0...6.9.

Could that make any difference right there?

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