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InFine script for "MapTitle" display

Added by vermil over 14 years ago. Updated about 4 years ago.

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As the title suggests.

I would like to say have my map's name displayed on the auto map, but not when I start my map and vice versa.

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#1 Updated by vermil over 14 years ago

While I'm talking about this. The ability for the map/auto map titles and author line to support infine like features. Currently it doesn't support any, not even the ability to start a new line.

Both also have character limits.

#2 Updated by vermil over 14 years ago

Or perhaps the ability to disable the map title and/or automap level title at map level (i.e. via a map def). Currently the former can only be disabled globally in the console, while the later can't at tall.

#3 Updated by danij over 14 years ago

Can you give an example of a situation where you think denying the user this information would be desirable?

#4 Updated by vermil over 14 years ago

When one wants not to display a map name at map start up, but still wants their map to have a name on the automap and vice versa.

Seriously though. The Map title is currently very limited in features. One can't choose a location for it on screen, how long it's there for etc etc

As such, in a mod of mine I use Infine to display my maps title how I wish to, simply because the map title get's in the way of other Infine I have set to run at map start up. This means I blanked the map name field in my Map def and as a consequence also lost the map title on the automap.

#5 Updated by danij over 14 years ago

Sounds to me what you actually want is a way to utilize your "MapTitle" InFine script instead of the built in display. Rather than forcing the mod author to turn a bunch of different options off it would be much better to:

Check at map start whether this script is present
if so, run it.
else use the built in display.

#6 Updated by danij almost 14 years ago

Actually, no need to have any internal display. If we move the current display out to an InFine script, a mod author can simply override it with their own script.

#7 Updated by skyjake over 10 years ago

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On a general level, it would make a lot of sense to have InFine draw the map title, however this requires serious upgrades to InFine's scripting capabilities. (Fortunately, this is in the plans: #1608)

#8 Updated by skyjake about 4 years ago

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