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[Doom] Armour Helmets full bright

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In Vanilla Doom, Armour Helmets are not full bright, but in Dday they are.

This was presumably a change made back in the day, so that a dynamic light could be attached to them. However with the addition of the mf2_alwayslit mobj flag, it is not nesscerry these days for a mobj to be full bright to attach a dlight (indeed the explosive barrels use this flag to attach a dlight without making them full bright).

Hence the helmets could lose the full bright and gain the mf2_alwayslit flag, in order to be more faithful to the original game while still giving them the dlight.

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#1 Updated by danij over 12 years ago

I agree about changing the flags for DOOM's armor bonus.

However I don't agree with making the Mancubus fireball use additive blending because visually, it looks to be of an entirely different compound to the fireball produced by the Imp. The Mancubus fireball is less gaseous and more solid, like molten rock or something. Making these additive by default would look a whole lot worse IMO.

#2 Updated by vermil over 12 years ago

DaniJ has already removed the full bright flag from the Armour Helmets during the unstable builds (IIRC). He didn't take up the mf2_alwayslit dlight suggestion.

So this report can probably be closed.

#3 Updated by vermil almost 12 years ago

Since I didn't know where else to put this and it is somewhat related to the above (a visual tweak); maybe additive blending should be added to the Mancubus fireball, as like the Imp fireball that has it, it is an er, fireball.

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