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[Render hack] Deep water tricks not supported

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In Alien Vendetta, there are two levels where you see a slime pool/water that the player "falls" into, even though the slime/water appears to be at the same floor height, but appears at the same floor height due to its surrounded unclosed sectors, which is a little "hack".

However, Doomsday 1.8.6 did not support these either after testing it out on that version (this is found near the Red Key in Map01 of AV, and in a room with Green Armor beyond the Super Shotgun in Map11). Would allowing this screw up the engine or cause an incompatibility or something?

Attached are two images of what the problem is.

Labels: Render hack

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#3 Updated by danij over 14 years ago

This DOOM.exe rendering trick can indeed be supported in Doomsday. It is on my shortlist of tricks that will be addressed before 2.0

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Fixed for the upcoming 1.12 release.

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- Milestone: v1.9.0-beta6 --> v1.12

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