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[HeXen] Star Bridge no longer solid

Added by vermil about 9 years ago. Updated about 9 years ago.

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Pretty much what the subject says. The player seems to fall straight through them. Though the player's movement through the air as they fall seems to be partially blocked by star bridges adjacent to the one they fall through.

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Fixed|Hexen: Fall through star bridge, etc. (mobj collision range)

A trivial refactoring oversight.

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#1 Updated by danij about 9 years ago

Does this occur with all of such walkable bridges or is it specific to certain maps/mapping constructs?

I recall this logic was changed a few versions back following a report of players not spawning at map start due to collision with such bridges. Perhaps a new bug was introduced in the process.

#2 Updated by vermil about 9 years ago

You are right that it doesn't seem quite as simple as I mentioned above. I have found that I can walk on star bridges in some circumstances.

Using the preplaced star bridge in the north quadrant of Menelkir's Tomb map (visit 28) seems to trigger the bug every single time though; on that one, I can't see to get beyond the second star bridge mobj without falling through.

#3 Updated by skyjake about 9 years ago

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#4 Updated by vermil about 9 years ago

Further experimenting seems to reveal it's consistent and very specific star bridge mobjs. Seems to be ones that are next to ledges specifically (i.e a long star bridge crossing a canyon; it will be the first couple at either end that are likely to have this issue).

#5 Updated by danij about 9 years ago

This doesn't appear to be limited to the star bridges. A quick check in Hexen shows that jumping on pretty much any mobj can lead to the player getting stuck depending on the velocity at which the player is falling. For example, jumping out of the bell tower in Winnowing Hall and onto a tree the player often falls straight through and becomes stuck inside it.

#6 Updated by vermil about 9 years ago

That sounds like number 2 that I posted in this old report:

Though I didn't consider HeXen in that report (in the original report) as I thought Dday had two implementations of Z clipping; that HeXen used Vanilla HeXen's and Doom and Heretic were using a Deng Team made implementation. I was testing Deng Team's implementation in Doom and Heretic.

#7 Updated by waverider about 9 years ago

This problem with the star bridges also happens in Wastelands. To get to the bridge, you must take a teleporter found in the northernmost area in the map. Lower the pillars with the cave and enter the new area. After killing a few fire bats?, the star bridge will appear. This bridge seems impossible to climb, you'll easily fall through several of the "star steps", also, it seems that often, some star steps are completely missing here.

#8 Updated by waverider about 9 years ago

Sorry, I made a few typos and mistakes in my recent post. It should say: "Lower the pillars with the cave key and enter the new area, using the teleporter." In the next area, that's where the star bridge is.

#9 Updated by skyjake about 9 years ago

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This affected all collision checks in Hexen when checking if a mobj is on top of another mobj.

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