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Feature #1648: Complete vanilla DOOM emulation

Support for the features of the Playpal and Colormap lumps

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Vanilla emulation
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The Playal lump, as well as containing the games palette, also contains additional palettes for the various screen tints; taking damage/berserk pack, item pickup and the radiation suit.

The Colormap lump was used to help the original engine determine sector brightness and naturally given that Doomsday uses Open GL, is no longer used. But the colormap could be manipulated to set certain colors in the palette be unaffected by sector brightness and distance. it also contained the color mapping for the invulnerability sphere and blur artifact artifacts.

Heretic and HeXen, use a separate TINTTAB lump for handling what color to change each color on the palette to if the player is looking through a ghost or their own weapon if they have a Shadow Sphere.

Certainly, I highly doubt Dday will ever try to read lumps designed for 256 color software rendering (other than the actual palette of course) and I doubt many old wads manipulated any of these lumps beyond changing the main game palette, because it was somewhat complex to do, so it probably isn't a hugely missed thing that Dday doesn't read these lumps. Indeed apparently there are difficulties in a non software port supporting these lumps features.

But it would be great if the additional editing features these lumps could do if manipulated where to be added in some way to Dday's external ded definitions. After all, they could be edited in the original engine.

For instance, IIRC, the screen filters in the Dday src are put extremely simply, “set screen to Rx Gx Bx”,

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