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[Doom] Evil Eye height issue

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Dday, like most other ports that add the option to Doom to allow mobjs to pass over/under each other, gave scenery items real heights (as ID left them all at 16, taking advantage of the afore mentioned limit in the engine to avoid having to set real heights for them).

However Dday changed the height of the Evil Eye (named 'MISC38' internally) mobj to 16 (Deng team obviously decided that the candle was solid, but that the eye wasn't). This allows the player to simply step over the mobj...

I would like to suggest this be changed to at least 25 (i.e to prevent the player from being able to 'walk straight through it') as a Vanilla wad may have used the Evil Eye mobj as a blocking pillar. I hope that makes sense as I had some difficulty writing it.

Indeed, for comparison, I will say that ZDoom gave the Evil Eye mobj a real height of 54. For the sake of cross port compatibility (even on something as minor as this), I think Dday should change the height of the Evil Eye mobj to this.

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