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Flat tiling error with custom flats

Added by jimigrey almost 14 years ago. Updated about 7 years ago.

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I made some 128*128 textures as flats using the material definitions. Ingame I notice the flat tiling breaks at some polygon borders. On walls the textures work just fine.

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#2 Updated by danij almost 14 years ago

The screenshots are helpful but a small example would be much more useful.

#3 Updated by jimigrey almost 14 years ago

Sure.. here's some little test map (in map01), material definitions and lowres textures in wad:

It happens more in areas with non square sectors...

#4 Updated by jimigrey almost 14 years ago

I made a bit clearer example & screenshot of what's going on (also noticed I don't need to write material definitions to use textures as flats or other way around).

I made the floor use the damaged pipe texture, then I made some stairs which made a cut to the sector which creates the tiling error:

#6 Updated by jimigrey almost 14 years ago

I did some searching in the source code and found out that textures were aligned to 64*64 grid, but that makes any textures larger than 64*64 align incorrectly.

So I increased the grid size and large textures were aligned correctly as well.

In "edit_map.c" and "static void updateSSecMidPoint(subsector_t *sub)" I simply changed these two lines:

sub->worldGridOffset[VX] = fmod(sub->bBox0.pos[VX], 64);
sub->worldGridOffset[VY] = fmod(sub->bBox1.pos[VY], 64);


sub->worldGridOffset[VX] = fmod(sub->bBox0.pos[VX], 512);
sub->worldGridOffset[VY] = fmod(sub->bBox1.pos[VY], 512);

Which would allow 512*512 and smaller textures to align correctly..

#7 Updated by danij over 11 years ago

Can you upload a small demo of the problem?

#8 Updated by skyjake over 10 years ago

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#9 Updated by skyjake over 10 years ago

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