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[Heretic] Some missiles should not splash

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As the summary states. In the original Heretic, most missiles do not cause splashes when they impact on liquid. The only exceptions were the trail of blood from the Undead Warriors red axe and the Maulotaurs ground flame when it changes height (i.e. it goes up or down a step).

In Beta6.1 all missiles and also blood splats cause splashes.

That said, though this behaviour does differ from the original game and earlier versions of Dday, it may actually be an intentional non-gameplay affecting change made by Deng team (i.e it is more realistic that missiles cause splashes rather than being oddly exempt as in the original game)?

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#1 Updated by vermil about 15 years ago

I forgot an exception in the above. The splash damage from a non-powered up Phoenix Rod shot causes a splash in the original game. Indeed, uniquely, it does regardless of the height above the water that the missile impacts (the other above mentioned exceptions only make a splash when they actually make contact with the liquid).

This is a quirk that remains in Dday.

#2 Updated by vermil about 15 years ago

Indeed, Mace spheres, powered up Dragon Claw, powered up Crossbow shots and Hell Staff blood rain also cause splashes in the original game if the projectiles make contact with the liquid.

Doh! for forgetting these. Still it is still a difference from the original game that other missiles cause splashes in Beta6.1

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