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Pink Demons become Spectres

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So I don't like any of the old models in the jDoom Model Pack, except for the Spectre. The Spectre actually has the same-looking effect as the original spectre rather than just being transparent, and since you don't really see the bad modeling it works great.

So, I installed the Spectre but none of the other models; but now, strangely, most, but not all, pink demons become the Spectre model as well. For example, in e2l1, the demons up on top the green wall are supposed to be pink demons, but they're Spectres when I play with only the Spectre model picked.

Strangely I have seen the occasional pink demon, but it's been a while since I saw one that stayed a pink demon, and I just played through all of Ultimate Doom on Doomsday, and I think the last one I saw was somewhere in Episode 2, or was it even in episode 1?

Stay, you ask? Yes, stay, three times now, very far off into the distance I have seen a pink demon, which then once it gets a bit closer to me, or I look at it long enough - I can't tell, all of a sudden changes into the Spectre model. It's very strange.

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Fixed|Renderer: Demons and Spectres get mixed up

Model frame interpolation links were set up incorrectly.

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This is a regression in the model metadata setup. Selectors were not considered when determining the frame progression of the models, so it started skipping between the regular demons and spectres in a weird way.

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