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Map has no secrets, displayed as 0% (vs. 100%)

Added by Drako over 7 years ago. Updated about 7 years ago.

Vanilla emulation
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build 2072
When the number of items or secrets in a level is 0 then the final screen after that level shows 0% instead of 100%. See a example on the attached screenshot.

doom2-plut-000.png (681 KB) doom2-plut-000.png 0% items Drako, 2016-09-13 05:11
doom2-plut-001.png (681 KB) doom2-plut-001.png 0% secrets Drako, 2016-09-13 06:11


#2 Updated by vermil over 7 years ago

In Vanilla Doom, if there are no items or secrets on a map, then the intermission screen will display 0%. Dday imitates this.

However, some source ports, such as ZDoom, change this behaviour to display 100% in such cases.

For more information, see here:

#3 Updated by Drako over 7 years ago

Maybe there should be an option in Doomsday like "Strict Vanilla Doom On/Off" or something like that. In case the option is off the obvious bugs of vanilla Doom (like this one) should be fixed.

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Converting to a feature request. IMO when a map contains no secrets, displaying it as 0% or 100% are both correct since "all of nothing" is still nothing. The best fix for this would be to omit the entire secrets counter from the intermission in these maps that have no secrets.

#5 Updated by Drako over 7 years ago

Well, IMO when you see "secrets 0%" you think "I missed all the secrets (so maybe I play again to find them)" rather than "There were no secrets in that level (so there was nothing to find)". On the other hand "secrets 100%" is usually interpreted as "I found all the secrets" which is true also when the number of secrets is 0.
Omitting the secrets counter will mean that there were no secrets in the level. That information can be delivered to a player by "secrets 100%" (assuming that the player remembers that he found no secrets).

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