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[MP] Option to choose items/weapons/ammo on spawn

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Due to consistent weapon/ammo shortages it would be nice if the server could set which weapons/ammo players SPAWN with.

Currently this can be achieved through the server giving weapons/ammo to players by using the cheat mode but every time a player dies their character resets and they go back to zero. Since the game already has modifiers which make the game harder by giving monsters a health/damage advantage, it would be nice to have the following options to assist the players:

Player spawns with chainsaw: yes/no
Player spawns with pistol: yes/no (Is it even possible not to have the pistol?)
Player spawns with shotgun: yes/no
Player spawns with minigun: yes/no
Player spawns with rocket launcher: yes/no
Player spawns with plasma rifle: yes/no
Player spawns with BFG: yes/no

Player spawns with X bullets: 0-#
Player spawns with X shells: 0-#
Player spawns with X rockets: 0-#
Player spawns with X cells: 0-#

Player spawns with random weapons: no/0-all weapons
Player spawns with random ammo: yes/no

Player spawns with ammo backpack: yes/no
Player spawns with automap: yes/no

Other items like night vision/radiation suits have time limits so there isn't much point to having players spawn with them...unless you also change the length of their effectiveness.

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Sounds like a good idea to me. Won't happen until after the unified client/server restructuring for single and multiplayer though.

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