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Support for Freedoom

Added by flamepanther over 17 years ago. Updated over 4 years ago.

3rd party compatibility
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I feel it would be very much in the spirit of free
software for jDoom to be able to play the freedoom
iwad. At the moment, this isn't possible because
several doors and switches in the levels don't work in
jDoom. It's probably the fault of the freedoom authors
for not making the iwad more compatible with vanilla
Doom, but here's a request for support anyway.


Feature #2143: Add FreeDOOM's FreeDM as a recognized Doom IWADClosedskyjake

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Revision 9f764059 (diff)
Added by skyjake about 7 years ago

Doom|Freedoom|libdoomsday: Identify data bundles for “freedoom.phase2”

While Freedoom is not fully supported, as a first step it now has its
own game mode and the different releases of the Phase 2 IWAD are

IssueID #1429

Revision 6a6fa979 (diff)
Added by skyjake almost 7 years ago

Doom|Freedoom: Added Freedoom Phase 1 as a known game

IssueID #1429


#1 Updated by yagisan over 17 years ago

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I'd rather it stay open until I can play FreeDoom in Doomsday the way FreeDoom is intended to be played. FWIW Chocolate Doom can't play FreeDoom either, and it's devs have an interest in FreeDoom, so either FreeDoom will change, or we will implement missing Boom features - eventually.

#2 Updated by alinezhad about 17 years ago

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Freedoom should make use of the very beautiful Doomsday's Open-GL render.

#3 Updated by yagisan almost 17 years ago

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FreeDoom is Boom compatible. It will work once all Boom features are supported.

#4 Updated by mercury13_kiev almost 17 years ago

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Well, that's FreeDoom should become Doom2-compatible!

#5 Updated by flamepanther almost 17 years ago

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Actually, I would prefer for Freedom to become Doom II compatible. However, that doesn't fit into the Freedom team's goals at all. Their goal is to create content that can become a standalone 100% free game when used with a modern port of the Doom code, not an expansion for commercial Doom II. Since most of the popular ports support or plan to support Boom extensions, they don't see any reason not to use them. In any case, since jDoom is going to support Boom extensions in the future, I think this request is a non-issue. Can this be closed?

#6 Updated by skyjake over 10 years ago

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#7 Updated by skyjake about 10 years ago

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Freedoom IWAD files renamed:

We should add separate game modes for Freedoom in libdoom and check which map features are missing for full support.

#8 Updated by skyjake almost 8 years ago

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#9 Updated by skyjake over 7 years ago

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#10 Updated by almost 6 years ago

Since the posting of this Freedooms mapset has changed to be limit-removing, if not fully vanilla, so this issue might be solved now.

#11 Updated by skyjake over 4 years ago

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Agreed. Closing since Boom features no longer required.

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