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Third-person view

Added by skyjake about 20 years ago. Updated over 3 years ago.

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Totally against the Doom feel, but a 3rd person view
might be a nice option anyway.

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#1 Updated by skyjake about 20 years ago

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And, against original doom too, but what about the possibility
of choose the camera (rear view, top view, zoom...)

Even a top view without render the ceilings, like MageSlayer
or Expendable.

#2 Updated by papercut2 almost 20 years ago

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I think it's great, especially with how flexible the engine
is, I would like to set it to instantly go into 3rd person
when I die, rather than viewing through my eyes as I die.
(Like on Halo) But of course stay in first person while playing.

Would be nice for demoes too, no more tweaking around with
the spawning players and cameras and such. I can see by how
frustrating it looked to get that E1M1 demo done for
Ultimate Doom.

#3 Updated by noctrun almost 20 years ago

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great option for demo viewing (moving the camera round the
player you'll looking at etc) and a great feature for mod

#4 Updated by skyjake almost 20 years ago

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Great idea. Not like the original, but again good for mod
makers, and a change of pace.

#5 Updated by skyjake over 19 years ago

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i think it's a good idea...i myself once thought of doing a
third-person mod, in side-scrolling fashion

#6 Updated by skyjake almost 17 years ago

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For me, it isn't a good idea.... :-|

Third-Person-view (as Heretic II) i do not like.... :-((

I'm not bought Heretic II, for its Third-Person-view :-|

I'm surprise the priority for this thing is 5 and for the BOTS is
only 3! :-\

#7 Updated by skyjake over 3 years ago

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This kind of already exists. Try "viewmode" in the console. Of course, a proper 3rd person view would require more sophisticated logic for moving the camera around so it doesn't obstruct gameplay.

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