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[Doom] Mancubus attacks and high Z height differences

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If a Mancubus target's something a fairly sharp distance below him, only the straight forward firing missiles are aimed at the correct Z angle. The non straight forward firing missiles are aimed increasingly off the sharper the angle downward toward the target.

This bug is present in both 1.8.6, 1.9 beta 6.9 and MP unstable builds.

The attached screenshot, though not overly well, shows the straight forward firing Mancubus missile correctly being aimed at me, but the sideways firing missile is almost not being aimed downward at tall.

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Vanilla.png (17.7 KB) Vanilla.png Vanilla Doom vermil, 2014-12-04 13:45
Dday.png (1.59 MB) Dday.png Doomsday vermil, 2014-12-04 13:46


#2 Updated by vermil almost 13 years ago

I'll throw in that this a Dday specific bug; in Vanilla (and other ports) both missiles are aimed at the correct Z angle.

#4 Updated by vermil about 12 years ago

Uploaded a small example wad that shows this behaviour; might have to shoot the Mancubus to overrule the reaction time though.

The incorrect angling is easiest to see the moment the Mancubus spawns the projectiles, due to the fireball sprites falling prey to this visual glitch as they go above the player:

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#7 Updated by vermil over 9 years ago

I attach a pair of images, one from Vanilla Doom and one from Dday showing the discrepancy. Both attempted to replicate the same situation using my above test wad; I faced the wall and listened for the sound of the Mancubus preparing to fire and then back peddled so I could see where his fireballs hit the wall.

In Vanilla Doom, the fireballs land approximately horizontally in line (there is a tiny tiny height difference), but in Dday, the fireballs land at completely different heights (the non-straight forward firing missile lands practically off the top of the screen).

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