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Incompatible addon error appears sometimes

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Sometimes when I start the game Hexen with Hexen Community Compilation Pack (jXCCP), "missing addon" notice is shown. If I choose running the game anyway, it crashes with segmentation violation error. It happens randomly without any changes in the game or Doomsday config. So if I test the problem and run and quit the game several times, sometimes it starts normally and sometimes it shows missing addon error. I have 2.1 Doomsday build on Windows 10.
BTW, this forum post reports similar problem:


#1 Updated by J345 over 1 year ago

Here is the image of top part of incompatible mods notice.

And here the segmentation violation error notice.

#2 Updated by J345 over 1 year ago

To be exact, the name of the bug should probably be changed to incompatible mods error. I cannot edit first post anymore.

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#4 Updated by skyjake over 1 year ago

Have you selected/unselected any of the optional contents in the jXCCP?

#5 Updated by J345 over 1 year ago

I unpacked zip file from Doomsday website, put it in Doomsday folder (it was detected by Doomsday as JHexen Community Compilation pack), added it to Hexen in Doomsday menu and played the game. I left defaults in the mod options setting. At first it worked normally but later incompatible mods error sometimes appeared.

#6 Updated by J345 over 1 year ago

I uninstalled Doomsday and mods completely, made new clean install and the problem seems to be solved. Maybe some forgotten files from previous installations of Doomsday were culprits. If the problem reappears, I will post update here.

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