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Soundfont setup issue

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Windows 10 Pro x64 build 1803, Doomsday x64 for Windows unstable build 2897:

I had to re-setup my external MIDI soundfont, which was due to recent reorganization of my Doomsday folder structure ( that also affected the location of my MIDI soundfont (SF2).

While Doomsday could not find my MIDI soundfont, the MIDI music output sounded broken, only distorted bits of drums and percussion could be heard. Updating the external MIDI soundfont setting for Doom and Heretic went without noticeable issues, but for Hexen I noticed the following:

  • When browsing for an external soundfont, music playback is stopped (or paused?)
  • Selecting a soundfont the music playback restarts
  • Hexen continued to play the title music using the old obsolete setting, i.e. I still heard broken MIDI sound output like described above. Only after playback of the title music had ended and restarted from the beginning, the new soundfont setting was used resulting in normal MIDI audio output.

I guess I noticed this issue only in Hexen, because to the duration of the Hexen title music lasts longer than the title music of Doom and Heretic.

I suggest to adjust the setup logic for external MIDI soundfonts as follows:

  • Stop music output upon browsing for a soundfont
  • If the browsing dialog is closed with OK, re-initialize the MIDI output honoring the new settings, start playback (from the beginning?) of the current MIDI file
  • If the browsing dialog is closed with CANCEL, no re-initialization of the MIDI output is required, re-start playback (from the beginning?) of the current MIDI file


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  • Target version set to 2.2.x

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