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State Particles won't start for Afrit in some cases (Hexen)

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State Particles won't start for Afrit in some cases (Hexen)

1) Run Hexen with Afrit and particles/blood FX from xarp

(I attached necessary files to issue, so you dont need whole xarp. just attached addons)

2) Start map01 with mage
3) Type "butcher" cheat
4) observe, that particles are spawned for afrit
5) Start map01 with mage
6) make some shoots with wand
7) Type "butcher" cheat

Actual result: no particles for afrit
Expedted result: particles should be spawned for afrit

Additional info:

Doomsday engine 1.15.0 (not reproduced in 1.14.5)

Affected states: FIRED_DEATH, FIRED_DEATH1

Current workaround while issue is not fixed:

add next strings after particle generator

Copy Generator { State = "FIRED_CORPSE1";};
Copy Generator { State = "FIRED_CORPSE4";};

A-Afrit.pk3 (1.3 MB) A-Afrit.pk3 theleo_ua, 2015-06-15 20:38
FX-Blood.pk3 (2.13 KB) FX-Blood.pk3 theleo_ua, 2015-06-15 20:38
XARP-particles.pk3 (4.17 MB) XARP-particles.pk3 theleo_ua, 2015-06-15 20:38
XARP-shared.pk3 (1.07 MB) XARP-shared.pk3 theleo_ua, 2015-06-15 20:38
XARP-shinemaps.pk3 (42.8 KB) XARP-shinemaps.pk3 theleo_ua, 2015-06-15 20:38


#1 Updated by theleo_ua over 8 years ago

#5 Updated by theleo_ua over 8 years ago

Affected states: FIRED_DEATH, FIRED_DEATH1

should be:

Affected states: FIRED_DEATH1, FIRED_XDEATH1

#6 Updated by theleo_ua over 8 years ago

Reproduced for Bishop, Reiver (Wraith) and Dragon:

Affected states for Bishop: BISHOP_DEATH1 (Map18 is best for testing)

Affected states for Reiver: WRAITH_DEATH1_1, WRAITH_DEATH2_1 (No particles is spawned for Reiver's death, doesnt matter how fast you will type butcher cheat (or even if you kill him by weapons) )

Affected states for Dragon: DRAGON_DEATH1 (No particles is spawned for Dragon's death for any case)

Workaround for Bishop: Copy Generator { State = "BISHOP_PUFF1"; }

No workarounds found for Reiver and Dragon

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