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[Doom] Revenant infinite loop case

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On Map28 of this pwad, something regarding the masses of caged Revenant's causes Dday to sometimes get stuck in an infinite loop.

It's happened multiple times after they are woken up and by luck, I ended up making a save game seconds before a Revenant or it's missile is seemingly guaranteed to cause a loop. (89.4 KB) vermil, 2014-06-18 23:55 (17.6 KB) vermil, 2014-06-19 00:15


#1 Updated by vermil over 9 years ago

I have to correct myself above; the loop seems to have nothing to do with the Revenant or it's missile, rather it seems to be the Arch Vile in sector 1003, that is mid attack against another monster, when I saved the game.

I attach another save game, this one from Doom2 Map11; in it I have manipulated an Arch Vile to attack an imp and saved as he is in mid attack.

Upon loading the save, the Arch Vile is immediately struck by another Imp and turns his attack on it. This causes an reproducible infinite loop.

#2 Updated by danij over 9 years ago

Evidently the issue here is mismanagement of the sectors' mobj list. Somehow a single mobj is being linked into the same sector more than once and a subsequent unlink results in cyclic linkage.

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