Bug #1681

Garbled screen build 1080

Added by eunbolt almost 9 years ago. Updated over 7 years ago.

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dave@theBeast:/usr/bin$ ./doomsday -vv
Application path: /usr/bin/doomsday
Enabled log entry level: MESSAGE
Created a new 32.0 MB memory volume.
Config::read: modules/Config matches version [ 2, 0, 0, 1080 ]
Executable: Doomsday Engine 1.13.0 [#1080] (Unstable 64-bit) Dec 16 2013 03:17:29.
Command line (2 strings):
0: ./doomsday
1: -vv
RenderSystem: Loading shader definitions from read-only archive entry "data/renderer.pack/
shaders.dei" at path "/data/doomsday.pk3/data/renderer.pack/shaders.dei"
(out of archive in read-only native file "(basedir)/data/doomsday.pk3")
Initializing plugins...
(id:1) libdehread
(id:2) libdoom
(id:3) libdoom64
(id:4) libexample
(id:5) libheretic
(id:6) libhexen
(id:7) libwadmapconverter
I_InitJoystick: No joysticks found
Starting GuiApp event loop...
OpenGL 3.0 supported
OpenGL information:
Version: 3.0 Mesa 10.1.0-devel (git-cbe7431 saucy-oibaf-ppa)
Renderer: Gallium 0.4 on AMD BARTS
Vendor: X.Org
Compressed texture formats: 3
Available texture units: 8
Maximum texture anisotropy: 16
Maximum texture size: 16384
Line width granularity: 0.1
Line width range: 1...16384
OpenGL Extensions:
AMD extensions:
conservative_depth, draw_buffers_blend, seamless_cubemap_per_texture,
ANGLE extensions:
texture_compression_dxt3, texture_compression_dxt5
APPLE extensions:
packed_pixels, vertex_array_object
ARB extensions:
multisample, point_parameters, framebuffer_sRGB, multitexture, texture_cube_map,
texture_env_add, transpose_matrix, texture_border_clamp, texture_compression,
depth_texture, occlusion_query, shadow, texture_env_combine,
texture_env_crossbar, texture_env_dot3, texture_mirrored_repeat, window_pos,
draw_buffers, fragment_program, fragment_shader, shader_objects, vertex_program,
vertex_shader, depth_clamp, fragment_program_shadow, half_float_pixel,
occlusion_query2, point_sprite, shading_language_100, sync,
texture_non_power_of_two, vertex_buffer_object, color_buffer_float,
pixel_buffer_object, texture_compression_rgtc, texture_float, texture_rectangle,
framebuffer_object, vertex_array_object, copy_buffer, depth_buffer_float,
draw_instanced, half_float_vertex, instanced_arrays, map_buffer_range,
texture_rg, texture_swizzle, vertex_array_bgra, ES2_compatibility,
blend_func_extended, debug_output, draw_buffers_blend, draw_elements_base_vertex,
explicit_attrib_location, fragment_coord_conventions, provoking_vertex,
sampler_objects, seamless_cube_map, shader_stencil_export, shader_texture_lod,
texture_cube_map_array, texture_multisample, texture_rgb10_a2ui,
uniform_buffer_object, vertex_type_2_10_10_10_rev, get_program_binary,
robustness, shader_bit_encoding, timer_query, transform_feedback2,
transform_feedback3, base_instance, conservative_depth, internalformat_query,
map_buffer_alignment, shading_language_420pack, shading_language_packing,
texture_storage, transform_feedback_instanced, invalidate_subdata,
texture_storage_multisample, vertex_attrib_binding, texture_mirror_clamp_to_edge,
ATI extensions:
draw_buffers, texture_env_combine3, texture_float, blend_equation_separate,
texture_compression_3dc, separate_stencil, texture_mirror_once
EXT extensions:
abgr, bgra, blend_color, blend_minmax, blend_subtract, copy_texture,
polygon_offset, subtexture, texture_object, vertex_array, compiled_vertex_array,
texture, texture3D, draw_range_elements, packed_pixels, point_parameters,
rescale_normal, separate_specular_color, texture_edge_clamp, framebuffer_sRGB,
blend_func_separate, fog_coord, multi_draw_arrays, secondary_color,
texture_env_add, texture_filter_anisotropic, texture_lod_bias,
framebuffer_object, texture_compression_s3tc, texture_env_combine,
texture_env_dot3, stencil_two_side, texture_cube_map, shadow_funcs, stencil_wrap,
blend_equation_separate, packed_float, pixel_buffer_object,
texture_compression_dxt1, texture_compression_rgtc, texture_mirror_clamp,
texture_rectangle, texture_sRGB, texture_shared_exponent, framebuffer_blit,
framebuffer_multisample, packed_depth_stencil, draw_buffers2, draw_instanced,
gpu_program_parameters, texture_array, texture_compression_latc, texture_integer,
texture_sRGB_decode, timer_query, texture_swizzle, vertex_array_bgra,
provoking_vertex, texture_snorm, framebuffer_multisample_blit_scaled,
IBM extensions:
rasterpos_clip, multimode_draw_arrays, texture_mirrored_repeat
INGR extensions:
KHR extensions:
MESA extensions:
window_pos, pack_invert, texture_signed_rgba
NV extensions:
blend_square, light_max_exponent, texgen_reflection, texture_env_combine4,
packed_depth_stencil, texture_rectangle, depth_clamp, fog_distance,
primitive_restart, conditional_render, texture_barrier, vdpau_interop
OES extensions:
read_format, EGL_image
S3 extensions:
SGIS extensions:
generate_mipmap, texture_border_clamp, texture_edge_clamp, texture_lod
SUN extensions:
Initializing Render subsystem...
Setting up platform state...
Warning: loadAudioDriver: Loading of "fmod" failed.
Warning: Failed initializing audio driver "FMOD"
Warning:DS_SDLMixerInit: Linked version of SDLMixer (1.2.12) is newer than expected
Audio configuration (by decreasing priority):
Music: SDLMixer::Music
Using DOOMWADDIR: ~/Games/Doom
ExampleHook: Hook successful!
Canvas: Gained focus.
Initializing InFine subsystem...
Initializing UI subsystem...
Locating "HACX - Twitch 'n Kill"...
Locating "Chex(R) Quest"...
Locating "Final DOOM: TNT: Evilution"...
Locating "Final DOOM: The Plutonia Experiment"...
Locating "DOOM 2: Hell on Earth"...
Locating "Ultimate DOOM"...
Locating "DOOM Registered"...
Locating "DOOM Shareware"...
Locating "Doom 64"...
Locating "Heretic: Shadow of the Serpent Riders"...
Locating "Heretic Registered"...
Locating "Heretic Shareware"...
Locating "Hexen: Deathkings of the Dark Citadel"...
Locating "Hexen"...
Locating "Hexen v1.0"...
Locating "Hexen 4-map Demo"...
Locating "Hexen 4-map Beta Demo"...
ResourceSystem: initCompositeTextures: Completed in 0 seconds.
^ : initFlatTextures: Completed in 0 seconds.
^ : initSpriteTextures: Completed in 0 seconds.
Parsing definition files...
readAllDefinitions: Completed in 0.01 seconds.
1 finales
11 materials
ResourceSystem: Building sprites...
^ : Completed in 0 seconds.
^ : Model init completed in 0 seconds.
FIC_PredefinedFont: Warning, unknown font 'System:normal24'.
FIC_PredefinedFont: Warning, unknown font 'System:normal24'.
FIC_PredefinedFont: Warning, unknown font 'System:normal24'.
FIC_PredefinedFont: Warning, unknown font 'System:normal24'.
FIC_PredefinedFont: Warning, unknown font 'System:normal24'.
FIC_PredefinedFont: Warning, unknown font 'System:normal24'.
FIC_PredefinedFont: Warning, unknown font 'System:normal24'.
FIC_PredefinedFont: Warning, unknown font 'System:normal24'.
FIC_PredefinedFont: Warning, unknown font 'System:normal24'.
FIC_PredefinedFont: Warning, unknown font 'System:normal24'.
Automatic game selection failed
Canvas: Lost focus.
^ : Gained focus.
^ : Lost focus.

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#1 Updated by eunbolt almost 9 years ago

1073 Is the last working version

Forgot to add
This is running ubuntu 13.10 64bit

#2 Updated by skyjake almost 9 years ago

Version: 3.0 Mesa 10.1.0-devel (git-cbe7431 saucy-oibaf-ppa)
Renderer: Gallium 0.4 on AMD BARTS

We should first rule out possible driver bugs. Do you have an alternative OpenGL driver to try?

#3 Updated by skyjake almost 9 years ago

  • Subject changed from Garbled screen build #1080 to Garbled screen build 1080

#4 Updated by eunbolt over 8 years ago

appending "-nofsaa" to doomsday in the terminal fixes the garbled screen

#5 Updated by danij over 7 years ago

  • Status changed from New to Closed

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