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[Hexen] Hi-res Patch replacements off-center

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I am using a high resolution texture pack for Hexen, downloaded as "Hexen_High_Resolution_Pack.rar"

High Resolution textures are displayed off-center for some sprites. Weapon sprites (Cleric's snakebite staff) are shown in the top left corner of the screen instead of bottom center. Flying enemies (Afrits and Dark Bishops) are shifted down and right from the normal position, so I have to shoot at the empty space above and to the left of the sprite in order to hit them.

This problem occurs in versions 1.9.8, 1.9.8-1 and in 1.9.9 build 600.

This doesn't happen in version 1.9.0

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#4 Updated by jimigrey almost 11 years ago

It's not only Hexen that has it. I just made some highres sprites into Doom, and they're not aligned to the center like the lowres versions.

There is also a bug with low ceilings. In low ceiling rooms some of the sprite frames get pushed inside the floor. In taller rooms, there are no problems. The lowres sprites don't have this issue either...

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Where can we find a copy of this add-on to debug it?

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