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Melee attacks affected by looking up/down

Added by vermil almost 12 years ago. Updated about 4 years ago.

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In all games, short range ('melee attacks') hitscan attacks (i.e. Fists, Gauntlets, Timons Axe etc) don't aim where you are looking by default; they always aim straight forward.

This can be observed by looking up/down as you attack a wall.

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#1 Updated by danij almost 15 years ago

- summary: Melee attacks not affected by looking up/down --> Melee attacks should be affected by looking up/down
- Milestone: v1.8.6 --> Eventually

#2 Updated by skyjake almost 12 years ago

What is the original behavior in Heretic and Hexen?

#3 Updated by vermil over 10 years ago

Indeed, I've checked and it is the original behaviour. So I guess this isn't a bug;

In the original Heretic, ranged hitscan weapons, the Wand Crystal and Dragon Claw, aim where the player is looking. However melee hitscan attacks, the Staff and Gauntlets, always aim straight forward.

HeXen has no ranged hitscan attacks, only melee hitscan attacks and they function like Heretic.

In Dday, Doom imitates Heretic’s behaviour.

The small look up/down range of the original Heretic and HeXen and also in HeXen’s case, the huge size of the ‘puff sprites’ (maybe deliberate...who knows), do a lot to mask this.

However, the considerably increased range that the player can look up/down in Dday makes this behaviour stand out.

OT: maybe a Cvar to mimic the original Heretic and HeXen’s look up/down range could be added?

#4 Updated by danij over 10 years ago

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