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Joystick axis settings (sensitivity, max speed)

Added by smoothshoes over 12 years ago. Updated about 4 years ago.

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Mouse has sensitivity controls for both yaw and pitch

However, joystick seems to have just one global sensitivity

Just one global joystick sensitivity makes control difficult because of the following:

input-joy-sensi 5 works great for movements, but it's difficult to aim with
input-joy-sensi 1 works great for aiming, but movement is much too slow

what would be great is to have sensi for each axis

Also there is a pitch speed, but not a yaw speed
ctl-look-speed <- variable exist, but only has 1-5 range
ctl-turn-speed <- variable doesn't exist

For keyboard and joystick speed adjustments while zooming, like what can be done with mouse:

bind +shift "rend-camera-fov 30;input-mouse-x-sensi 12;input-mouse-y-sensi 12"
bind -shift "rend-camera-fov 120;input-mouse-x-sensi 48;input-mouse-y-sensi 48"

It would be nice to be able to do the same with joystick/keyboard, such as:

bind +shift "rend-camera-fov 30;ctl-turn-speed 12;ctl-look-speed 12"
bind -shift "rend-camera-fov 120;ctl-turn-speed 48;ctl-look-speed 48"

Thanks for your consideration, and the awesome Doomsday engine!

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#1 Updated by smoothshoes over 12 years ago

A great deal of it has been implemented since this was posted last year, thanks alot for adding those! I don't think turn and look max-speeds have been, however. Sensitivity being how far you need to push the joystick to achieve max speed, then another variable declaring what that max-speed should be, for turning. I think for one of the stable versions I couldn't get my joystick working for Doomsday, I haven't tried the latest versions yet, so that may have been added, I'm not sure.

#2 Updated by smoothshoes over 11 years ago

Important feature for the 6axis 3dMice controllers

#3 Updated by skyjake over 11 years ago

Isn't this pretty much done nowadays (1.9.9)?

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