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Camera effect: screen shaking

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It would be pretty cool to enhance gameplay, if the
screen would vibrate a little when you fire a weapon,
or a rocket explode near you, or when the Cyberdemon is

It would give doom a little more explosive and fast
paced effect.

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I like this idea. It is similar to camera vignette in that it brings some extra realism. However, it should be reserved to very strong forces like an explosion, or firing the BFG.

#2 Updated by danij over 10 years ago

Note that Hexen already implements a basic version of this for use with the "localized [earth]quake" effect. The "problem" is that this is ad-hoc and offers no means for customization or scripting.

Ideally, camera animations would be scriptable logics. We could separate the camera from the player mobj so that the camera follows a player; this movement logic could then be implemented using the mobj thinker mechanism (and ultimately with a script rather than a native function).

#3 Updated by skyjake over 10 years ago

Hexen "localized [earth]quake" effect

BTW: when playing Hexen I noticed that this effect was curiously exaggerated. Instead of an earthquake tremor it felt like the player was jumping back and forth by a couple of meters. It is possible there is a magnitude error here related to the fracunit refactoring, or the effect simply should be toned down a little. (Should compare with vanilla.)

However, the effect I'm thinking about for the "screen shaking" would be a mixture of XYZ position and camera angle changes -- something akin to a handheld movie camera being shaken by an external force (although obviously the player is not a handheld camera).

camera animations would be scriptable logics

That would be useful. At least it should be possible to start this kind of an effect via script.

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