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Player weapon particle muzzle flashes (for external viewers only)

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Im sure something similair has been mentioned before,
but I couldnt find it so sorry in advance. I think my
version is a bit different though;

I need to be able to map a particle effect to each player
weapon's firing frames, to be ONLY visible to other

This is partly because in cutting down my soldiers 
filesize I've already used all four md2 slots; I use the
same model for zombieman/shotgunguy/doomguy,
loading different variations of the head, arms and
weapons for each one. These are all mapped onto the
same generic body model and walking states, saving lots
of redundant frames of animation. Anyway, now there
isnt a fifth slot for the flash....
It's also partly because particle muzzle flashes look 
really damn cool! You can make alot cleaner flash
animation from a bunch of sprites than you can from a
pair of flattened triangles with an explosion painted on
them. The potential for adding ambient effects like
gunsmoke etc would also be there.

Thanks for reading;


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#1 Updated by chilvence almost 21 years ago

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I caved in and combined the arms to the main model, so I
dont need this as much now; I still think it should be in
though, I can set up all the generators and do the particle art
if you like.

I had a thought that the easiest way would be to make it a
new generator "type" so instead of putting generator { state = xxx } youd use generator { weapon = "shotgun" }. Youd
still use all the other particle settings, so whenever the
shotgun weapon is fired, this generator and everything in it
will be spawned. An added pleasure would be the ability to
inherit the particle vector from where the weapon was
pointed :)

#2 Updated by chilvence almost 21 years ago

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I forgot to mention, I've already tried particle gun flashes
both on the zombies and on the hud weapons (by bodge-
assigning it to the player fire state), and it really really can
look good... like Max Payne

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It definetly gets my vote ;)

Dani J

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