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Controls for all supported games adjusted at the same time

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It's really annoying to change the controls for every
game (hexen, heretic, doom)

It should be possible to adjust certain settings (strafe,
forward, left, right...) for all 3 games at the same time:

There should be a switch available in the config AND
controlsmenu which allows to do it for the running game
(Hexen, heretic, doom), OR for the whole engine (all
Settings that are applicable for the whole engine should
be marked by a brighter colour

It should be possible to do this for settings like smooth
camera movement, sound volume etc as well...

Remember that the user somehow needs to have this as
an option by using the switch(a switchbutton switching
between doomsday/hexen logo, or any active game)
You could add the loge in the game dll

A better way then a switch button is more then welcome
I just can't think of one right now

Labels: User Interface

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#1 Updated by skyjake over 20 years ago

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There will be no 'common' controls for all the games at
this time. Perhaps later, when a common menu system is
in place, this would be a feature to think about. Right
now it would be too much work for too little benefit.

The latter part of the request is related to RFE 743562.

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  • Related to Feature #1449: Setup bindings/controls via taskbar UI added

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