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[Hexen] Singleplayer starts on Deathkings MP map 35 broken

Added by vermil about 12 years ago. Updated over 10 years ago.

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Pretty much what the summary states; if one tries to warp to these maps (33-39) in single player, the player is turned into a camera as if there is no single player starts present on the maps. There are.

Labels: Hexen, Deathkings


#1 Updated by vermil about 12 years ago

Further testing reveals this bug is actually exclusive to Map35.

If one goes to any other DM map they spawn normally. However if you go to Map35 you spawn as a camera and remain in camera state even if you proceed to warp to any other map with the level warp cheat or start a new game.

One has to manually disable camera state and noclipping to restore the correct behaviour.

#2 Updated by danij about 12 years ago

- labels: jHexen Gameplay --> Hexen, Deathkings
- summary: [Deathkings] Singleplayer starts on MP map 35 broken --> [Hexen] Singleplayer starts on Deathkings MP map 35 broken

#3 Updated by vermil almost 12 years ago

They were fine in 1.8.6

#4 Updated by danij over 11 years ago

It appears that the spawn fails because the single player spawn spot is determined to be "occupied" by the glitter bridge. However there is clearly enough room between the floor and the underside of the bridge, meaning this is likely to be a Z-clipping bug in PIT_CheckThing()

#5 Updated by danij over 10 years ago

Turns out that P_CheckSpot() is to blame -- it specifically removes the MF2_PASSMOBJ flag from the dummy mobj. Why though?

Edit: I can find no explanation and can think of no reason why one would want to remove this flag at this time.

#6 Updated by danij over 10 years ago

Fixed for the upcoming 1.12 release.

#7 Updated by danij over 10 years ago

- status: open --> fixed
- assigned_to: Daniel Swanson
- Milestone: v1.9.7 --> v1.12

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