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[XG] ltf_count requirement

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I would like to propose a new XG requirement type; ltf_count.

With the associated fields; "Count = X", "Count above = X" and "Count below = X".

I believe the names largely describe what I am proposing; to allow a modder to make their XG line only activate when a lines count is a specific value or within a certain range.

"Count = X" allows the modder to make their line activate when its count is a specific value of their choice. In my opinion, this is a logical extension of the existing "when_last" requirement since it isn't limited to only activating when a line reduces its own count from 2 to 1 like "when_last" is (to be honest I'm not sure whether that when_last requirements not triggering when a lines count is reduced to 1 by other means isn't actually a bug, hence I've also posted a bug report about it;

What "Count above" and "Count below" would do is obvious. It provides a simpler way of allowing a modder to make their line repeat its function a specific number of than existing methods allow.

All three flags could also be combined. Say making the line activate when the line has a Count above 8, a count of 6 and a count below 3.

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