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XG refs: evaluate params at runtime

Added by danij over 19 years ago. Updated over 7 years ago.

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It would be great if more of the parameters required
for XG line/sector classes could be aquired at runtime
from map data.

For example being able to use the refering line's tag
as a parameter for a music class line.
Line Type {
ID = 5006
Comment = "Play music track ID line tagged - looped"
Flags = player_cross
Flags2 = when_act | any
Class = music
Count = 1
Time = 1
Ip0 = lpref_tagged(1) # or lpref_line_tagged etc...
Ip1 = 1

There is potential problem here with users creating
"bad" definitions which aquire non-compatible or
incomplete values. This might require a fair amount of
code for qualifying the data at runtime.

Another concern is the number of Ip/Fp fields this
would require so I would suggest the definition to
allow setting the data component for the reference in
the same field as above (or using whatever syntax you
feel appropriate).

Despite the obvious issues this feature could add a lot
flexibility to XG. It would certainly make an "XG
library" (that could be distributed with Doomsday) much
more feasible as currently too many parameters are
"hard wired" resulting in many slight variant XG
lines/sectors being defined.

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The basic idea is good and should be elegantly addressable with Doomsday Script expressions and longer scripts embedded in the XG (2.0) definitions.

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