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Improved flying suggestions for Hexen/Heretic

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This is an annoying problem when playing hexen/heretic;
There are too many keys to bind and use on top of the
standard ones just to fly up or down. The control
system for FPS's has moved leaps and bounds since these
games were around, so I make these suggestions;

1: No fly up/down keys
New games with flight in them (I can only think of
quake 3) allow the jump and crouch keys to dual purpose
with flying around. Of course no doom game has had
crouch, so there would still be a "fly down" key, but
they would be renamed to Move Up and Move Down. This
allows use of just 6 keys to move on every axis,
letting the mouse and keyboard compliment each other
perfectly. The "drop" key would be replaced by
"activate wings of wrath", which would also toggle them

Thats got rid of two unescescesary keys (valuable in
hexen with all its items that need binding), but theres
still a problem.

2: When flying, +forward moves you in the direction of
the mouse
Every game since quake 1 has had this (ie in noclip
mode), and of course descent, and it makes absolute and
utter sense. Even Zdoom has this, though it uses the
software renderer and cant look up or down more than 45
degrees. When you can use the mouse to fly in every
direction, the keyboard now just has ALL strafing keys,
giving the two different controllers clear cut purposes
instead of being unfocused to each task.


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Theyre both good ideas, because they both come from quake :)

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#2 is the better idea.

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