From 2015-08-28 to 2015-09-10


16:36 Bug #1977: Doomsday crashes with Intel Chipset
Ok. Thanks. I am looking forward new build of 1.15.4. Drako


09:34 Bug #1977: Doomsday crashes with Intel Chipset
This is the 2.0 branch, which means resource packs aren't fully supported at the moment (short answer: you currently ... skyjake
05:52 Bug #1977: Doomsday crashes with Intel Chipset
(build 1712) In fact after the engine starts, I am able to write in the console and choose options "Video, network, u... Drako
05:32 Bug #1977: Doomsday crashes with Intel Chipset
This build (1712) is better. The engine starts, I was able to see this short tutorial in the beginning. But then afte... Drako
04:19 Bug #1977: Doomsday crashes with Intel Chipset
I was able to extract some data from OpenGL extensions viewer 4.3.8. Please see the xls file. Pixel formats are numbe... Drako


20:26 Bug #1977: Doomsday crashes with Intel Chipset
Hmm, I can't see the information I was looking for in those. However, I've added a couple of further fallbacks to the... skyjake
19:28 Bug #1977: Doomsday crashes with Intel Chipset
For now I only can send you files 1.jpg and 2.jpg. Later I will have more time to look at this.
There is a render...
14:29 Bug #1977: Doomsday crashes with Intel Chipset
If the _OpenGL Extensions Viewer_ app shows these for you, could you check what is supported in the Pixel Formats tab... skyjake
11:56 Bug #1977: Doomsday crashes with Intel Chipset
Seeing as all of the fallback configurations failed, it leads me to suspect that your GPU and/or OpenGL drivers actua... skyjake
05:47 Bug #1977: Doomsday crashes with Intel Chipset
Now 1711 build. The error changed:
Application path: C:\Program Files (x86)\Doomsday 2.0.0\bin\Doomsday.exe
20:23 Revision d4dde8fb (github): OpenGL|libgui: Even more robust setup for GLFramebuffer
There are now five alternative configurations for the framebuffer.
The objective is to find the one that supports the...


19:56 Revision 77aa9e35 (github): OpenGL|libgui: Check for EXT_framebuffer_object; more robust FBO setup
Should check for EXT_framebuffer_object rather than the ARB extension,
because the ARB extension was added for OpenGL...
19:24 Bug #1977: Doomsday crashes with Intel Chipset
Please see the attached file. Hopefully it will help. Drako
19:04 Bug #1977: Doomsday crashes with Intel Chipset
@Drako: Could you post an updated log with *-vvv*, please? It would help to see more detail about what is happening a... skyjake
13:47 Bug #1977 (In Progress): Doomsday crashes with Intel Chipset
12:18 Bug #1977: Doomsday crashes with Intel Chipset
Thanks for the details. Indeed it should be checking for the EXT_framebuffer_object extension rather than ARB. I'll c... skyjake
05:49 Bug #1977: Doomsday crashes with Intel Chipset
I do not know if it helps but let me share it with you. I edited deng_gui.dll and changed ARB to EXT at offset 0x25dd... Drako
05:33 Bug #1977: Doomsday crashes with Intel Chipset
Ok. The build 1710 gives the following error:
Application path: C:\Program Files (x86)\Doomsday 2.0.0\bin\Doomsday...


19:47 Revision 2527f0a8 (github): DirectSound|Windows: Cleanup
19:08 Revision 3fae774e (github): Model Renderer: Added "uAlphaLimit" variable to the generic model shader
18:47 Revision 1e343aff (github): OpenAL: Cleanup
18:46 Revision a1ffa5f4 (github): FMOD: Cleanup
16:48 Revision bd1f8784 (github): Merge branch 'master' into audio-cleanup
11:11 Bug #1977: Doomsday crashes with Intel Chipset
Let me know if tomorrow's build 1710 works any better/differently. skyjake
10:22 Bug #1977: Doomsday crashes with Intel Chipset
Yeah, those functions should be accessed via the extensions (e.g., EXT_framebuffer_object).
Support for FBOs is re...
07:44 Bug #1977: Doomsday crashes with Intel Chipset
That is the message which I get when I try to run Doomsday 2 build 1709 (Sep 6, 2015):
Application path: C:\Progra...
11:09 Revision d49157c8 (github): OpenGL|libgui: Check EXT variants of functions not present in OpenGL 2.1
IssueID #1977 skyjake


14:21 Revision ea1d417b (github): libgui|Windows|Linux: Report missing OpenGL entry points
Exception thrown, aborts startup.
IssueID #1977
04:30 Bug #1977: Doomsday crashes with Intel Chipset
I also attach doomsday.out file (-vvv -nofsaa from the newest version 1.15.3). The way this version does not work is,... Drako
04:06 Bug #1977: Doomsday crashes with Intel Chipset
Hi. I attach ( dxdiag files (both x32 and x64). I also attach a few files from OpenGL Extensions Viewer 4.... Drako
02:56 Revision 245a95e0 (github): Refactor|Audio|Client: Cleanup; typos
01:46 Revision 49440e60 (github): Refactor|Audio|Client: Standardize formatting of audio driver interface identifiers
01:14 Revision 2b72bb34 (github): Refactor|Audio|Client: Standardize formatting of audio driver descriptions
00:34 Revision 8e6b10d8 (github): Refactor|Audio|Client: Define IPlugin in audio::PluginDriver (for now)
00:18 Revision 0ab9d2cc (github): Refactor|Audio|Client: Cleanup
Removed the now unused audiodriver_t interface. danij


23:50 Revision 94a9417f (github): Refactor|Audio|Client: Base audio::SdlMixerDriver on audio::System::IDriver
This audio driver uses frame event notifications for music playback
22:36 Revision 41bdeb66 (github): Refactor|Audio|Client: Base audio::DummyDriver on audio::System::IDriver
This simple audio driver has no use for frame events. danij
20:37 Bug #1977: Doomsday crashes with Intel Chipset
Thanks for the info. It might also help to see dxdiag info for your driver and chipset if you can, see here: https://... danij
20:27 Bug #1977: Doomsday crashes with Intel Chipset
I have the same graphics card (Mobile Intel 4 Series Express Chipset Family) and exactly the same issue. I have figur... Drako


06:04 Revision 08a37c1f (github): Refactor|Audio|Client: Use audio::System's frame notifications for music playback updates
Also removed the now unused mechanism for looking up an audio driver
by playback interface.
05:32 Revision 98035ccc (github): Refactor|Audio|Client: Cleanup
05:02 Revision 1615fca5 (github): Refactor|Audio|Client: Revised mechanism for audio frame events and midi font changes
Use a de::Observers mechanism based mechanism for audio frame events
and midi font change notifications. audio::Plugi...
03:51 Revision 7654cd36 (github): Refactor|Audio|Client: Revised audio driver property names
Property names for audio drivers now follow the same conventions used
with game plugins.
Also added a summary of ava...
00:36 Revision c21df7e0 (github): Refactor|Audio|Client: Simplified audio::PluginDriver; cleanup
No use for a reference to the public instance. danij
00:08 Revision 873c17d3 (github): Audio|Client: Cleanup
00:04 Revision 9a761cfc (github): Console|Audio|Client: Added cmds "listaudiodrivers", "inspectaudiodriver"
For printing a listing of and detailed information for, loaded audio
drivers, respectively.


23:09 Revision 4a800382 (github): Refactor|Audio|Client: Defined audio::System::IDriver from audio::Driver
Renamed audio::Driver as audio::PluginDriver, as this component is
now only concerned with the mechanics of interfaci...
22:09 Revision 031303da (github): Refactor|Audio|Client: Lookup and iteration of loaded audio::Drivers
19:15 Revision d6df20d0 (github): Fixed|Master Server: Failed generating server digest response in JSON format
The MasterServer class and HTTP query interpreter were still using
the old "long arrays" for accessing PHP's server v...
17:00 Revision 11f3afe9 (github): Refactor|Audio|Client: Cleanup


08:23 Revision fd27870a (github): Refactor|Audio|Client: Encapsulate the audiodriver_t interface in audio::Driver; cleanup
Next step: Revise built-in drivers to use audio::Driver, also. danij
04:42 Revision 913dc39a (github): Refactor|Audio|Client: Began revising mechanism for loading audio drivers
Automatically find and attempt to load all recognized audio::Drivers
when initializing the audio::System, ready for p...


18:19 Revision 3666c373 (github): Model Renderer: Default diffuse texture is opaque black


13:08 Revision c37dc963 (github): Definitions|Client: Cleanup
Removed use of the now-unnecessary "group" keyword. skyjake


18:27 Revision df09ac65 (github): Refactor|libdoomsday|DED: Sound definitions stored in a DEDRegister
Also updated the DED parser to allow both copying and modifying of
Sound definitions.
15:05 Revision 39486eba (github): Refactor|Client: audio::System ownership of audio settings


17:54 Revision 1f18facc (github): Merge branch 'gl2-models'
17:40 Revision 66c49f16 (github): UI|Client: Automatic and manual refreshing of the available packages
The Packages dialog refreshes the list of available packages whenever
the dialog is opened. One can also manually ref...
17:38 Revision e6eb6487 (github): UI|Default Style: Added a "refresh" icon

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