From 2017-06-06 to 2017-06-19


20:19 Revision 94bbf618 (github): UI|Client: Halt UI updates when application is shutting down
16:36 Bug #2249: segfault Arch Linux GCC7
This fix is great on Arch as well. Can close this issue as far as I'm concerned. Many thanks. fauxmight
08:50 Revision 174dcab2 (github): Fixed|Client|libcore|libappfw: More graceful fatal errors
A fatal error should not crash the engine, just pop up an error message.
Client's BusyRunner was ignoring the busy w...
07:56 Bug #2251 (Closed): Crash after an error occurs, instead of graceful exit
In many situations where Doomsday should report a fatal error message and shut down nicely, it instead just crashes. ... skyjake
07:33 Bug #2250 (Closed): Crash on launch when trying to index folders with lots of files, or files with unexpected names/content
The file system indexer may have a bug when reading some files and/or folders.
See discussion:


16:50 Revision aec1e12f (github): Windows|Fixed: Missing exports
16:40 Revision b0791fec (github): Model Renderer|Scripting: Added a startSequence() method to StateAnimator
15:47 Revision e93f893b (github): Model Renderer: Starting model animator timelines via script
`StateAnimator.startTimeline(name)` will start a specific named
timeline in the model asset. Timelines are scheduled ...
15:45 Revision cfe1f7b0 (github): Scripting|libcore: Added a new Scheduler class
Schedules timed execution of multiple script timelines. skyjake
13:19 Revision 391a3eb3 (github): Scripting|Model Renderer|libcore: Script callbacks for model state change
Added de::ConditionalTrigger for issuing a callback under the
specified circumstances. Configured with a Variable.


11:30 Bug #2249: segfault Arch Linux GCC7
commit:5f9c563853 seems to fix it for me when compiling with GCC 7.1.1 (on Fedora). I can include this fix in the sta... skyjake
04:13 Bug #2249: segfault Arch Linux GCC7
I'm sure this is obvious to you as the developer, but it appears the casts creating issues are probably those in the ... fauxmight
11:24 Revision a328008f (github): Builder|AppVeyor|CI: Updated Dropbox link
10:38 Revision 5f9c5638 (github): Fixed|Refactor: Potential crash in release build
According to the C++ standard, compilers are allowed to assume that
the `this` pointer is never null. This may allow ...


09:14 Bug #2249 (In Progress): segfault Arch Linux GCC7
The godot discussion hints at a possible workaround, I'll give it a try. skyjake
07:02 Bug #2249 (Closed): segfault Arch Linux GCC7
I've compiled the 2.0.1 release and the current git master. Both segfault IF COMPILED WITH -O2.
I can avoid the segf...


08:01 Revision b68bd6fe (github): Merge branch 'master' of ssh://
08:00 Revision 871298b3 (github): Fixed|Audio|Linux: Path of the FMOD library
The path is different in the new SDK. skyjake
07:56 Revision b1fb4e61 (github): Builder: Don't purge all the builds in the local cache
[ci skip] skyjake


22:33 Revision 3bf846a1 (github): Fixed|Mobile|libappfw: Mutex misuse in desktop build
In the desktop build, the main thread does all the UI processing,
including drawing. The root mutex is intended to pr...
22:10 Revision 6c3e2659 (github): Cleanup
15:17 Feature #1900 (Resolved): OpenGL 3.3 Core Profile
This has now been largely implemented. In practice, all drawing occurs via the DGL abstraction layer and the DGL shad... skyjake
15:11 Revision ee15ecb9 (github): Windows|Audio: Graceful error handling in Windows Multimedia plugin
Don't assume that Synthesizer is available, and also don't freak out
if CD playback fails (no CD inserted).
14:10 Revision af8eaecf (github): Windows|Audio: Default to SDL_mixer for MIDI, Windows Multimedia for CD
Presently, this combination should provide the best out-of-the-box
experience on Windows.
13:07 Revision fee05483 (github): Updated repository readme (FMOD dependency)
[ci skip] skyjake
08:51 Revision 86dd2e7e (github): Bumped version number to 2.0.2
08:48 Revision 07fee6f3 (github): Builder|CI: Use FMOD Ex in the stable branch
The newer FMOD low-level API is used in the master. skyjake


19:26 Revision 5db56e7b (github): Merge branch 'opengl3-gles2'

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