Bug #2370

Updated by skyjake over 4 years ago

With the 2.3 release of Doomsday starting to support render hacks, I decided to do some testing to try out of the newest fixes. I did run into a couple of regressions that were not in 2.2. I decided to lump them all in here instead of submitting different issues for each one.

* ☑️ In Map11 of Alien Vendetta, deep water no longer displays properly.

* ☑️ In Map14 of Alien Vendetta, you're surrounded by blackness until you pick up the weapons in front of you at the start of the level and the walls around you open up. Doesn't appear to have a render hack on it, but it no longer displays properly.

* In Map15 of Alien Vendetta, near the start of the map, is a trap you're supposed to enter. When you enter the trap, the MIDBARS textures rise up from the lava and will lower when you activate a switch, but in the 2.3 release, the bars are already visible.

* In Map23 of Alien Vendetta, there is an Arch-vile near the beginning of the map that rises from underneath the water. In the 2.3 release, there's a gap where the water is.

I have attached screenshots of each instance.