Bug #2303

Updated by skyjake over 4 years ago

While playing through Plutonia 2 there are some parts of the game that play the incorrect music. For example, the title screen plays the music of Map03, when it normally plays "On the Hunt" (Doom E1M6). Also, the music for Map04 plays the music of Map01, when the song for that map is "The Imp's Song" (Doom E1M2).

I found another error with the soundtrack in Plutonia 2, this time with Map23. The MAPINFO lump tells Map23 to use D_ROMER2, which is the Map27 music filename. In Plutonia, Map27 is "I Sawed the Demons" (Doom E2M1), but it plays the Map27 music from Plutonia 2 instead.

Also, when loading Plutonia 2 without the separate DEH file, the word "unknown" appears at the bottom of the map title when starting a map. ☑️