Feature #1632

Updated by skyjake about 9 years ago

InFine is a specialized language for specifying UI animation scripts. It also has some features for interactivity, however there is a need (#1630) to expand that much further.

InFine should be redesigned to be a convenience layer over Doomsday Script. In practice, each InFine command would be automatically translated to a Doomsday Script function call. statement. InFine objects would be regular variables inside a script process reserved for running the animation.

This way Doomsday Script can provide a powerful basis for extending the capabilities of InFine into containing whatever logic is needed by the animations and/or UIs. InFine would remain as a convenience/backwards compatible language for specifying finales, animations, and UIs.

Also, plain Doomsday Script can be used to manipulate InFine objects freely through variables.