Bug #2370

Updated by sonicdoommario over 4 years ago

With the 2.3 release of Doomsday starting to support render hacks, I decided to do some testing to try out of the newest fixes. I did run into a couple of regressions that were not in 2.2. I decided to lump them all in here instead of submitting different issues for each one.

*Alien Vendetta: Map11*

☑️ In Map11 of Alien Vendetta, deep water no longer displays properly.

☑️ At the beginning of the level is a barrier off to the right. You need to head into the cave and hit the switch at the top to lower and barrier and to continue the level. The barrier doesn't "lower" after hitting the switch, however you can walk through the barrier and continue as normal. The barrier looks properly constructed so I'm not sure what would cause this.

*Alien Vendetta: Map14*

☑️ In Map14 of Alien Vendetta, you're surrounded by blackness until you pick up the weapons in front of you at the start of the level and the walls around you open up. Doesn't appear to have a render hack on it, but it no longer displays properly.

*Alien Vendetta: Map15*

☑️ In Map15 of Alien Vendetta, near the start of the map, is a trap you're supposed to enter. When you enter the trap, the MIDBARS textures rise up from the lava and will lower when you activate a switch, but in the 2.3 release, the bars are already visible.

*Alien Vendetta: Map23*

☑️ There is an Arch-vile near the beginning of the map that rises from underneath the water. In the 2.3 release, there's a gap where the water is.

☑️ Finally, another issue appeared, although it doesn't seem to be caused by a render hack. This is also in Map23 of Alien Vendetta, at X/Y coordinates 800/1500. The lower textures on the floor in the middle of the water aren't rendered, leaving a black area. This renders fine in Doomsday 2.2.

☑️ There are a couple of issues I have found though, mostly related to the 3D bridges. Some of them are still rendered with floor textures on them, and with black or blank spaces on the bottom. The 3D bridge screenshots are also from Map23 of Alien Vendetta, in the castle.

*Heretic: E1M1*

☑️ Heretic E1M1: Secret door to the right of the start. The triangular lighting-only sector in front of the door is incorrectly linked to the door sector, making it extrude outwards.

*Hexen: Map01*

☑️ Noticed a new regression in Hexen map01, where the portal is leaking out...

*Plutonia 2: Map01*

☑️ There's this black spot right over the beginning of Map01, don't remember seeing that, right above the Plutonia 2 sign.

*Plutonia 2: Map05*

☑️ Plutonia 2 Map05: This is in the starting area In the background, you can see the Imp floating above the ground. If you climb up the steps to get out of the water, you'll climb up some invisible step, so the Imp appears to be on a heightened floor. This was confirmed later on when more monsters teleported into the area and when they killed, they were seemingly floating above the ground. Could this be caused by the nearby invisible 3D bridge?

*Plutonia 2: Map10*

☑️ In Map10, there are a ton of these holes in the floor, scattered across the level. I have a screenshot of the beginning of the level.

*Plutonia 2: Map11*

☑️ Plutonia 2 Map11: As a test, I played through Map11 of Plutonia, another map where you could fall through a 3D bridge. You can still fall through the 3D bridges here. In addition, I'm not sure if this is caused by a nearby render hack (as there are no 3D bridges nearby), but in the northern part of the map, the area with the Blue Key (-600, 2600) does not have its floor textures rendered properly or anything. There is a mini-maze to get to the Blue Key, so this makes it very difficult to get in and out, especially with the Arch-viles that teleport in.

☑️ Also, one of the ways to get it, at 50, 2400, there is a bloodfall that's rendered too high. You can walk through it to get into the Blue Key area.

☑️ In Map11, there's a pit where Arch-viles will pop up from underneath the floor when you approach them. You're not supposed to see into the pit, but you can here. I have encountered this across several other maps in Plutonia as well.

*Plutonia 2: Map26*

The black spot on the floor there is still visible. A fence eventually rises up where that black perimeter is.

*Plutonia 2: Map29*

☑️ Spiral staircase rendered incorrectly.

There is an invisible bridge located at -4400, -2100. There is a visible floor texture here when all you should be able to see is the sky below now renders correctly again, but there is another 3D bridge at the top of the staircase that is rendered incorrectly.

*Plutonia Map07*

The cages in the central part of the map are rendered incorrectly. An Arch-vile teleports into these cages and alternates between the two of them very rapidly after getting the Yellow Key.