Feature #2393

Updated by skyjake about 4 years ago

There should be a convenient way to play the Master Levels.

Possible approaches:
* Master Levels could use custom Episode definitions. This would allow selecting the PWAD via the New Game menu, after which the right PWAD would be loaded automatically and the game would start in the first map of the PWAD. Requires enhancing the Episode definitions with an "Additional Packages" property. The Master Levels Episodes DED could come built-in with Doomsday and be loaded via a built-in profile in the game library if any Master Levels are available.
* -The The Master Levels could be automatically added to the game library as one or more built-in profiles. Perhaps appearing as a single game profile with an additional ChoiceWidget for selecting the PWAD to play.-


For reference:
* (original console launcher)