Feature #2394

Updated by skyjake over 2 years ago

> There should be an easy way to organize PWAD files as episodes in profiles. The PWAD files in such profiles should be automatically downloaded if the URL is provided. Maps in these PWAD could be identified by the CRC-32 of a PWAD and the MAP internal name (see #2382).

In practice, new information would be added in game.dei. An Episode block would specify one or more PWADs to load, and optionally a full Episode DED that specifies the level progression. Autogenerating a progression would also be possible be just looking at what maps are provided by the PWADs.
profile {
name: Master Levels for DOOM II
game: doom2
episode "The Catwalk" {
pwads <CATWALK.WAD@120cd525>
# insert the Episode DED contents here
# (if missing, generate an Episode based on all the maps in the PWAD)
episode "Virgil's Lead" {
pwads <VIRGIL.WAD@4d0b58e8>
userCreated: True
useGameRequirements: True
autoStartSkill: 3

Instead of "filename@crc32", the PWAD could also be specified as "download-url@crc32". (Need to deal with broken links, though?)