Feature #2241

Updated by skyjake over 5 years ago

Games have a multitude of options and settings that one may wish to configure on a per-profile basis instead of using per-game cvars or custom profiles.

To facilitate game configuration for advanced users, Home should offer a way to enter autoexec.cfg-like free-form commands that can then be used to change cvar values, issue commands, or define aliases. This fully replaces the need to use command line options like -turbo to customize the game.

In practice, each profile in Home can have a popup edit box whose contents are saved in the profile. There could also be a similar game-wide edit box opened via the game family's action menu.

However, there needs to There should also be a mechanism toggles for ensuring that these custom settings are only in effect when the particular profile is loaded (e.g., #1617, #2238). optional game rules: -fast, -turbo, -respawn