Feature #1886

Updated by skyjake over 6 years ago

SDL 2 has quite good support There should be an input plugin that uses SDL2 for low-level functionality that is essential to games. Particularly, it supports native input APIs like XInput keyboard, mouse, and joystick events. At least on Windows, SDL2 uses APIs better suited for raw device events. Using SDL 2 instead of custom code and gaming purposes when compared to Qt.

The SDL2 input plugin would become the default one for input.
Qt for all these things (wm, video, input) should improve robustness and reduce the maintenance burden.

In practice:
* SDL 2 should be linked to libgui and there should be a variant of GLWindow that creates an underlying SDL_Window.
* DisplayMode should be removed and replaced with SDL video functions.
* Qt's OpenGL API wrappers should
input events could still be usable with an SDL-created OpenGL context (after creating used as a QOpenGLContext representing fallback in case SDL2 or the previously created context). plugin is not available.