Bug #2440

Updated by sonicdoommario over 3 years ago

With the stable release of 2.3, I thought it'd be better to start another thread. I was able to run through TNT and Plutonia on the stable 2.3 and found some rendering issues with some of the rendering hacks, mostly some black spaces.

*Plutonia Map02*

-I know this one was recently reported, but I figured I'd also list it here, as you can see a strip of floor texture across the invisible bridge in the final part of the level.

*Plutonia Map03*

-The invisible bridge in the Blue Key area no longer renders correctly, as you can now see the floor texture across the bridge

-There is a little black spot on the floor where the Blue Key is hovering in midair.

*Plutonia Map11*

-At the start of the level, the wall to the left opens up, revealing several Arch-viles who cannot yet see the player. A black space is visible across the floor in the Arch-vile cage.

*Plutonia Map24*

-There is a black square on the ceiling above the Arch-vile cages throughout the level.

*Plutonia Map26*

-There is a black square on the sky right on top of the portal at the start of the level.

-There is a black square underneath the secret Megasphere at -1980, 600

*TNT Map27*

On both ends of the starting area, there are two cages with Arachnotrons. The bars on the sides of the cages are currently not visible, and they do open up when triggered. I'm not sure if this was always like this, it may be similar to the transparent doors in TNT Map21 (which I submitted as a separate issue).

*Plutonia 2 Map29*

-In the southwest corner of the map, at -4400, -2150, there is an invisible bridge that you walk over to teleport out of the area, the floor texture here is visible.

Hopefully most of these branch off the same issue, I can test further when needed. I have screenshots of each area as well.