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14:43 Doomsday Engine Feature #2336 (New): Comprehensive server info and metadata
Add a few additional parameters that the server tells players about itself
* wadurl: link to place where players can...
14:41 Doomsday Engine Feature #2335 (New): [Shell] Command line option for opening connection to a server address
Add cmd-line parameter - server address - so Doomsday Shell will open server console window at start (Windows OS)
14:40 Doomsday Engine Bug #2334 (New): Client should load server's data files when connecting via command line
Add the ability to autoload the absent wads when connecting to the server from the command line (like from Doomsday UI)
14:40 Doomsday Engine Feature #2333 (New): Extend info about server wads (filename, checksum)
Add the list of loaded wad names (including iwad) and their checksums (md5) to server info
14:39 Doomsday Engine Bug #2332 (New): Duplicate server entries on master-server
Start public server, stop it, wait until it disappear on master (imho tooo long), change (tcp) port and start it agai...
14:37 Doomsday Engine Bug #2331 (New): Server doesn't check wads (connecting via command line)
When connecting to the server from the command line, the wads are not checked - client can use any (and often crash)

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