08:31 Doomsday Engine Bug #1114: [Snowberry] Runtime Error (Errno 22) on "Play"
i also had this problem under xp on 2 different machines, with brand new installs of xp sp3 with all updates, with sn...


12:52 Doomsday Engine Feature #1517: Autoselect missing interfaces from other audio plugins
all have the same prob, it seems they went backwards for a while, beta 6 and 7 do not even play midis, which is the ...


18:22 Doomsday Engine Bug #923 (Closed): freezing 6.9
played thru doom2, game froze about 20-30 times at random points, it seems that the screen just freezes for 5 seconds...
18:11 Doomsday Engine Bug #922 (Closed): heretic jhrp models not loading 6.9
some heretic jhrp models not loading in 6.9, affected that i noticed are about half the gui weapons, crystal vial, an...


23:07 Doomsday Engine Bug #921 (Progressed): Blockmap-defined Linedef crossing order
in house of pain which is episode 3 mission 3 in ultimate doom... at the start there are 3 ways to go, if you go stra...


04:25 Doomsday Engine Bug #920 (Closed): pain elementals not spitting lost souls in lower lvls doom2.
bug in doom2 in beta 6.9 involves the pain elementals, yesterday played thru lvls 1-9, in tricks and traps lvl 7, as ...

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